1. avatar usedcardealer
    I recently put money down on a matt metallic finish USA les paul and the guy said it was an american import.
    I went onto their website and cant see it anywhere.
    It really is one of a kind I have never seen one that didnt look retro, this looks futuristic in comparison with normal ones.

    I haven't got it yet so I cant put the pics up.

    Im just wondering why this is the only one that looks like this.
    Someone might have seen it it was hanging up in the guitar emporium for a while.

    Any ideas?
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I can't help you on what model but I know a guy who's buying one and they do indeed look absolutley fantastic. The one in the guitar emporium has a normal headstock I think, He's getting one with a metallic headstock (or else the other way round). But I was shown a picture of it on the gibson website. Try the custom shop section.
  3. avatar usedcardealer
    The one in the guitar emporium (my one ,unless there are two) has a metallic headstock infact it has metallic everything including matt finish pick-ups.

    I'm not much of a guitar buff but how much do these usually cost, the guy said £1500.
    If this is true then I got it at a steal £850.
  4. avatar usedcardealer
    Just checked the Gibson website and I cant find any metallic finishes anywhere. :
  5. avatar Pete
    Gibson change their catalogue all the time and the website won't show older models and finishes.

    I have seen metallic and sparkle finishes before, although most have been on Les Paul Studios rather then the real deal standards.
  6. avatar iamshameless
    Thats a Les Paul Platinium Studio if everything is silver - so its not a standard, hence the lower price.
  7. avatar usedcardealer
    So was yer man bullsh1ttin' thenm about the £1500 thing?
  8. avatar iamshameless
    Look to see what it says on the truss rod cover, but the studio platinums go for about 1100, so its still a decent price.
  9. avatar MalekB-Sick
    but the studio les pauls look ugly dont ya think??