1. avatar Wasp Boy
    Does anyone know anything about these? I know they're handmade and I think they are made in Bangor, but that's it... Are they any good? I just saw one for an extremely cheap price. Looked almost like a Godin, and had a very simple looking bridge which looked like it couldn't be adjusted...

    Any help appreciated.
  2. avatar usedcardealer
    I was drunkenly talking to somebody about a local acoustic guitar manufacturer a while back and I think he said they were based in Antrim or thereabouts.
    I seem to remember that the prices were not too extortionate either!
    He said he can design them to your spec and they do electro acoustics as well.

    Wait for it..................................................
    I dont know who it is, nor do I have any contact details!!! :o

    What an anti-climax :lol

    Might be the same people tho.
    I know they are not in the same place, but surely NI doesnt have two high spec guitar manufacturers!! Edited by: usedcardealer at: 9/5/05 10:01 pm
  3. avatar Pete
    There are more than you would think... but obviously I can't remember any of their names either!!
  4. avatar MIKE G J ANDREWS
    Some of them are ok but overpriced.
  5. avatar eazy_rider
    James Hill is a guitar builder & repair person who lives in Bangor. Dufferin Avenue last I heard. He's in the yellow pages / phone book.
  6. avatar ryankozzi
    Careful here.

    James Hills guitars are portraying themselves to me as being very poor. This is my opinion only and of some others.

    examples -

    1) Check out this link -


    My mate in belfast had a neck built last year for an ibanez after a head break and the neck he got is in the bin. its unplayable and unsound.

    Last i heard Mr Hill is extremely ill which is a shame. But that aside i wouldnt buy one. Thats just me.

  7. avatar Jim Cava
    "I know they are not in the same place, but surely NI doesnt have two high spec guitar manufacturers!" -
    George Lowden - http://www.georgelowden.com/
    Dermot Mc Ilroy - http://www.mcilroyguitars.co.uk/
    Also Ernie Mc Millen and Sam Irwin - both now work with Avalon - http://www.avalonguitars.com/ - but make outstanding guitars on their own.
    These are the first 4 that spring to mind
  8. avatar Tele
    Does anyone know of a guitar maker called Pete Griffin, I think it is?