1. avatar ryankozzi

    For years and years ive been using an Sm58. Good old faithful.

    Does anyone know of this style of mic (not condensers im using this 58 for live work in bars) that is under 100 quid that will give a warmer sound.
    Ive tried Behringer Evolution series but dont like the output they give its too compressed sounding.
    Any ideas?
  2. avatar Gerry Bigot
    Have you tried Sennheisers?? They do a couple of really nice dynamics that are pretty sturdy.
    Can't remember model numbers, but we use em and they sound dead on.
  3. avatar EPK
    I'm really surprised, as I don't think there's a dynamic mike with a warmer sound available.
    In reality, the mike reflects the voice, which is why so many mikes are available to try to suit individual voices best.
    I've used Sennheisers, AKGs, Peaveys and many others, but the 58 is very flexible and very forgiving, and I've used it many times on studio recordings when the mikes that cost 5 or 6 times the price have sounded thin and harsh.
    What puzzles me is how you know how it sounds with your voice when you're gigging.
  4. avatar Pete
    The 58 is the standard because it is so forgiving of bad habits and the not so perfect singer. There are better sounding dynamics for each voice type, but the SM58 will have more of a fair stab at most.

    I'm a big fan of Audix microphones, mainly on drums, but the OM3, OM5 and OM7 are great live vocal dynamics. I've also used a beta 57 and it sounded great.. for that particular voice.

    The Sennheisers mentioned above by Gerry are great. Especially
    the e835/e845 and new e935/e945.
  5. avatar astraycat
    I second the Sennheisers, gggggggroovy :D
  6. avatar Komodo Studios
    I had a 58 beta stolen recently at a gig and replaced it with a Sennheiser 935. It's so much better at feedback rejection. However the output isn't quite so high, so it's not quite so forgiving of crap preamps. It does work well with 1604 VLZ pros though. And it's more of a hypercardioid design too.
  7. avatar Marty J
    Have you tried the SM58 Beta?
  8. avatar blackdog
    The SM86 is really nice as an alternative