1. avatar PaulMaks
    I have 2 problems. I am frustrated.
    I have just purchased 2 monitors, nice big active ones that make lots of noise. When i load SX the monitors kick into mega buzzing noise, when i move the mouse for instance - i think they are picking up the noise of the laptop harddrive. How do I stop this?? it is winding me up!!!!
    My big problem - the monitors are lined in to the L and R control room inputs on the desk which is great when playing keyboards, etc.... sounds great, albeit apart from the buzzing. But will they play back any recorded sounds noooo!!! they wont! I can hear the playing back when i plug my headphones into my audio interface, but not through my monitors. I have checked all the settings in windows and playback is through the Edirol interface and not the laptop.
    Please help. My cd is at stake.
  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    the top problem sounds like interference from the graphics card, try moving the mixer further away from your computer, see if it gets quieter..

    the second one could be a phase problem. unplug the left or right lead from your audio interface and see if you get sound from one channel.

    probabbly best if you get someone who knows what they are at to fiddle with it.. it could be a few things..
  3. avatar feline1
    the first one is a grounding (earthing) problem.

    induced noise on your PC's ground path is getting coupled onto your audio output.

    (physically moving things further away won't help)

    You need to check the earth path -
    check that all the PCI cards in your motherboard are properly slotted in and screwed onto the case chassis,
    and that the case mains lead is properly grounded to the wall socket.

    Then I dunno what the earth path with your Edirol interface is?
    If there is an earth path through it to your PC's earth and out to the active speaker's ground, then you probably want to lift the earth between the Edirol and the speakers.

    If this sounds like gobbledegook to ewe,
    you'll need to get someone who knows what they're doing to check it for ewe, as earthing is important for safety and you could create a lethal situation if you do things wrong.....
  4. avatar Pete
    Just out of interest, try connecting the monitors to the main Left/Right output of the desk instead of the control room outputs. Use balance cables if you have them.

    The buzz is almost definitely ground problem as the other guys said. Good luck tracing it. Although I wouldn't know why its just started since adding the monitors.
  5. avatar PaulMaks
    it says in the manual to use balance cables to stop buzz and hum.

    its a laptop and it definately seems to be the cause, the buzzing is really bad when i move the cursor on screen, type load programs, ie cubase etc...

    God its irriaTING - how do I begin with this?!

    It does not happen when the laptop is off and im playing. then it is silent.

    Also - anyone any ideas on the being able to play but not hear playback on the monitors?

    I really am lost big style - im never gonna get my cd done at this rate. Is there anyone deals with this type of thing who could come take a look?

    Paul MAKs Edited by: PaulMaks at: 8/5/05 10:36 am
  6. avatar Pete
    I could pop out and have a look for you Paul

    As for not hearing playback whilst playing.... it may be the obvious answer and something I'm missing, but turn the volume down?
  7. avatar PaulMaks
    As EPK knows, its generally the obvious that gets me confused....!!!!

    But turn the volume down where??? Im lost.... Seriously!! If you
    take a look Peter - thatd be great though!!!! Edited by: PaulMaks at: 8/5/05 11:32 am
  8. avatar Pete
    Yeah, I'll take a look. Fire me your address in an email and we'll take it from there.

    By the way, which monitors are they exactly?
  9. avatar PaulMaks
    I have GMAILED you Peter. Please confirm.

    Paul MAKs Edited by: PaulMaks at: 8/5/05 2:09 pm