1. avatar astraycat
    I need some advice on bass amps- 8o

    from your experience, is there a decent amp that I can buy for rehearsals and small gigs that will not require that I sell my kidney to buy it?

    An amp with a line out, etc

    should I get a combo or a bass head?

    I'm interested in old discontinued gear as well as the new, so any help from your own past experience will be welcome-
    as ebay is an old friend


    ps pref. less than 300 pounds :eek
  2. avatar battleofbelfast
    A good friend of mine picked up one of those discontinued 300watt trace elliot 1x15 combos for 300 notes i think. Its loud and sounds good to my ears and I'v seen loads of bands using them about the place. I hear they are prone to blowing speakers though. The ashdown ABM500 1X15 our bass player uses is very smooth and deep with lots of low end although it lacks a bit of high end bite. We got it for about 600 quid secondhand but the Mag series i think are in you're price range and if they're something similar they'd be worth a try.
    I'd avoid the 300watt behringer head as tempting as it is for the price, its a bit ballix.
  3. avatar Pete
    What kind of music are you playing and how loud do you practice? £300 is not going to buy you a lot of amp, especially at new prices and especially if you are competing with a drummer.

    I find it hard to beat Ashdown but the ABM range that I rate it probably outside your price range unless you get really lucky second hand.

    On the second hand market look out for Hartke and Trace Elliot. I would say a combo will be best value for money.

    A surprising possibility though is the new Behringer bass head and one of their 2x10 cabs... sounds huge and plenty of tone control. I have only tried it in the shop (Bairds) so have no idea what reliabilty or build quality is really like, but it sounds the ticket. You could probably get the head and cab new for just above the £300 mark
  4. avatar astraycat
    thanks for the help-
    I want the bass to cut thru sim. to Eric Avery and Peter Hook bass lines, the Trace Elliot seems like a possibility & maybe selling a kidney would'nt be such a bad idea after all...
    any experience with Ampeg or different brands?
  5. avatar astraycat
    the Trace Elliot 300w combo (2nd hand) looks perfect> thanks again for the help

    for anyone thats is also searching for an amp
    I found a site that has some used bass amps here:

  6. avatar Pete
    Battleofbelfast and I crossed posts there. I would disagree on the Behringer front, especially if looking for an amp to be loud.
  7. avatar zebulon
    I bought a Behringer BX1200 bass combo, 120w, 1x12".
    It sounds fine, it's got a reasonable amount of tone shaping and I've not had a problem being drowned out by any of the drummers I play alongside.

    It designed so it can be angled for use as a monitor on stage with a line out to the PA for gigs.

    And it cost me the princely sum of £220.

    So, yeah, I'd recommend it.
  8. avatar battleofbelfast
    My friend had the Behringer 300 watt head that looked like an Ashdown. He didnt play very many gigs or use it loud very often but the active input fell out, The VU meter broke and eventually the amp stopped working altogether. It sounded OK but was pretty unreliable. Edited by: battleofbelfast at: 5/5/05 4:21 pm
  9. avatar zebulon
    Well, everyone has horror stories, but you can't really judge a company's entire output on experiences of one item.
    I'm coming up on a year of ownership and no problems yet.
  10. avatar DanCorbett
    I had one of those Behringer heads (BX3000T is the model number) and I had it running into a Hartke VX1508 cabinet. I thought it sounded pretty darn good for the money I paid for it, but it was definately a starter rig. I wouldnt recommend it unless you won't be playing in a proper full gigging band for some time.


    PS. I recently sold the Behringer so I could buy a Ampeg SVT-3
  11. avatar Pete
    Yes, if you want a powerful rig for £300 there is no alternative to the Behringer that I know of.

    That SVT rig is probably, what, 5 times the price?

    If you are content with a practice amp there are other avenues however. Mainly a range of kick back style amps from the likes of Behringer, Hartke and Laney.
  12. avatar Speed Demon
    If you like Trace-Elliott, you can now buy new ones made and branded by Peavey.

    I haven't heard them, but they certainly look identical.
  13. avatar spirit of division
    I got a second hand ashdown mag 200 head for 100 quid and I know you can get a behringer 4x10 in mattchetts new for 220......