1. avatar s00z
    thats in good condition for as 'reasonable' price?
  2. avatar Pete
    Get down to Bairds in belfast if you can and try out the Peavey range of basses they have. They're the best "budget" basses I have ever seen. Play like a dream.

    The pickups are a bit weak, but can be replaced.... and what else would you expect for a bass in the £150-200 bracket.

    But they are very well built indeedy.
  3. avatar s00z
    hmm sounds like my price range

    as long as its got a non-bent fret board and 4 strings i spose thats good enuff.
  4. avatar EPK
    The neck and feel is great. I have one. Pickups could be a wee bit better, but....the money.
  5. avatar glzebub of four star
    why do precision's look like fcuk all?
  6. avatar Pete
    They can look good with the right finish.

    My '73 Precision looks great, its a three tone burst but is beat up and patchy. It also has the bridge cover and thumb rests which I like the look of....
  7. avatar moorso
    Marcus have a nice range of Yamaha basses....O.K so they ain't the best basses in teh world, but for £170 nups can't be too bad!
  8. avatar reub the rocker
    get a sound gear bass by ibanez 400 quid for a great bass thats as good as anything goin no point buying @#%$ as youll end up replacing it in the future
  9. avatar Pete
    Is this a time warp? This thread is 2 years old!!
  10. avatar ChaosInEden

    some people *sighs*...