1. avatar huggy baps
    anybody else ever have tuning problems with this guitar?
    should i tune the sstrings before i lock the nut or after?
  2. avatar PaulMaks
    Our guitarist Ross plays with one and he has had lots of @#%$ and trouble with his, but hes been shown the correct procedure for the guitar now.... im sure if you send him a mail he'll help you out with it!


    Ross@myosin.co.uk or rmcd@hotmail.com (try hotmail first)

    Paul Maks

  3. avatar gavinearly
    yep. they're a @#%$ to get in tune after a string change. but once the old boyos are in tune they're not likely to go out of tune too quickly.

    i've got one thats about 15 years old. it has an original floyd rose on it. i understand a lot of the new s-series guitars have cheaper trs trem copies which simply aren't as reliable.

    i hope i don't sound like one of the other self-appointed know-it-alls, but here's how I'd advise to restring it.

    fire the strings on as normal. tune it without the neck lock closed. once its in tune, snap the each string at the 12th fret a couple of times to take any slack out of the strings. repeat until the strings can be snapped without really loosing their tune. get it as close to tuned without the locking nut on. lock at the neck, and fine tune with the bridge tuners. those wee tuners are really only meant for minor adjustment.
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  4. avatar Seulement encore
    Huggy Baps =

    Goto www.jemsite.com

    Has lots of good info for setting up Ibanez trems.
  5. avatar huggy baps
    [quote]snap each string[/quote]

    what do you mean snap?
  6. avatar zebulon
    He means, tighten the string to concert pitch, put your fingers under neath the string and gently pull it away from the fingerboard for a few seconds.
    Don't force it but lift it an inch or so if you can.

    This stretches the string and helps it settle in more quickly.

    It's best if you do it a few times, retuning each time.

    But don't "snap" it back down, because it's a waste of energy and shortens string life...
  7. avatar battleofbelfast
    I have a JS1000 which is a similar guitar and I find it will stay in tune almost perfectly if you make sure the strings are totally stretched before locking the nut. Alternatively block the trem.