1. avatar the dirty weed

    [size=18:400943016a]DJ SCOTCH EGG (JAPAN/ UK - ADAADAT/ LOAD RECORDS)
    OVO (ITALY - LOAD RECORDS)[/size:400943016a]

    DOORS: 8.30PM




    The story of DJ SCOTCH EGG is bizarre and possibly fabricated. None the less, it's told like this: For years he went solely by the name of SHIEZE 2000, but after he was approached by a "manufacturer of microwaveable delicacies (who shall remain nameless)" needing some underground noise music credibility for their latest range, things began to change.

    Like the metaphoric peeling away of the breadcrumbed sausage meat and the subsequent reveal of the shrivelled tender egg beneath, DJ SCOTCH EGG shrugged his Casio techno and any and all dealings with irradiated food from his round shoulders. Somewhere in a darkened room a cry rang out...a megaphone was borrowed (from Adaadat's ATOM TRUCK), a Gameboy was brutalised... DJ SCOTCH EGG was born.




    Providence Rhode Island's WHITE MICE are a three piece (bass, drums and oscillator) that generate enough round and square wave tones to bring a BONANZA bus of nuns three feet (.91 m) off the ground. Combining the menacing (kinda slouched) posture of black metal with blistering oscillator attack is nothing new, but WHITE MICE bring the game to your hometown. The band does dress like lab butchered white mice when playing live.

    Mind you trainspotters looking for the RIYL attack: I say BRAINBOMBS and MELVINS, and similar riffraff but with a different toolset mind you. Churning oscillator attacks, belly-bustin' bass, and demonic wails - rock music rewired for a generation punch drunk on its own fart fumes.




    Milan, Italy’s Ovo are a two piece using guitar/violin cellos and drums that dump a toxic sludge with an unmistakable butterscotch scent. This sludge is in line with contemperous doom salesmen such as BORIS and the MELVINS, with the addition of vox stylings that take this record to a new place entirely. The sounds coming from Stephania Pedretti’s mouth as she sings go from lullaby sweet to terrifyingly raw in short intervals. Instrumentation on this platter is diverse, with guitars, bass, drums being added to the mix as well as music store stand-by’s like harmonica, piano, and cello.

  2. avatar rinky
    I can't f ucking wait for this.
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Oh wow, another gig for me to get excited by! I can't wait for term to start and gig-going to recommence - whee!
  4. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Last 2 times he's been to Belfast he was with Numbers, Ove-Naxx, Dododo & Lightning Bolt!!! - Now White Mice and OvO! Scotch Egg - synonymous with good times! :-D :-D :-D
  5. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    Yeah this is pretty much going to be the best thing in Belfast this year.
  6. avatar eucrid eucrow
    I've missed him both times he was here before due to not living in the country, but this looks like it can be only lethal!
  7. avatar Revenge Therapy
    having missed DJ Scotch Egg the last two times I look forward to catching him this time.
  8. avatar doctorlilt
    I have to go to this.
  9. avatar wayne
    That looks... interesting... :?
  10. avatar spirit of division
  11. avatar distracted
    He was spectacularly entertaining supporting Lightning Bolt, so can't wait for this! :-D
  12. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    Any word on ticket prices?
  13. avatar Warren Drugs
    Yardie bum fungus?
  14. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    My uncle used to think the yardies were after him. Good times.
  15. avatar Warren Drugs
    Up them!
    I know someone who got in bother with them once after escaping from a mental home.
    He wouldn't reveal the details though.
    I suspect a buggery may have been involved..
  16. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    yeah, these noise bands, you can't be up to them...
  17. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    Scotchausen is pretty melodic like.

    Now, Arab on Radar. Don't get me started.
  18. avatar the dirty weed
    [quote:dc9ca81bb2="dOUBLEwONDERFUL"]Any word on ticket prices?[/quote:dc9ca81bb2]

  19. avatar the dirty weed
  20. avatar rinky
    oof. that picture conjures a thousand smells.
  21. avatar thedirtyweed
    soon, like. soon.
  22. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    I am pretty sure I will be dead halfway through White Mice.
  23. avatar rinky
  24. avatar Warren Drugs
    How come no mention of Ovo on the poster?
    Are they still playing?
  25. avatar thedirtyweed
    no, they can't make it. local support to be confirmed soon...
  26. avatar Warren Drugs
    Ham Fanny?
  27. avatar thedirtyweed
  28. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    I was always under the impression that Scotch Egg was headlining. I was looking forward to a longer set : (
  29. avatar thedirtyweed
    i'd imagine shige will play the same set whether he plays last or not
  30. avatar thedirtyweed
    RL/VL added to the bill. good times

  31. avatar thedirtyweed
    from what i can gather, all white mice / scotch egg irish dates are cancelled. their tour manager f*cked off and left them stranded somewhere.

    so, this is off.

    i give up.
  32. avatar distracted
    Oh, that's bad news. I was looking forward to hearing RL/VL as well. :(
  33. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    Fucksake. Ah well least we have Acid Mothers Temple on Thursday
  34. avatar spirit of division
    Ah balls.
  35. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    My allah, this is horrendous.
  36. avatar Warren Drugs
    Vabes teep reclining indeed..
  37. avatar thefatson
    Ah I was just getting excited about White Mice too :(
    I bet this'll be just like the time I never got to see Atari Teenage Riot after they missed their plane.
  38. avatar thedirtyweed
    scotch egg's up for coming over in the new year. hopefully it'll work out.
  39. avatar feline1
    Did DJ Scotch Egg not used to live in Brighton and do gigs as "DJ Small C0ck"? If so I kinda vaguely know him!
  40. avatar Strong Reaction
    Ah nuts.
  41. avatar Monkeyface
    wow. could they not have made it over on their own or is the tour manager integral to the whole affair?
  42. avatar rinky
    Well he apparently took the van, money and contacts with him, so they were left high and dry.
  43. avatar Monkeyface
    holy shit, that's nuts! i hope they take him to town for it!