1. avatar noelyg05
    Unfortunatly I have to sell this great amp due to complete skintness, it is in mint condition, never been gigged and only ever been used a few times in the house. I'm selling it for £200. If interested please get back to me asap.

    Here's what Marshall say about it:

    "This compact, gig-ready Marshall MG100DFX, 100W, 1x12" combo amp is a powerhouse of killer tone. Its two footswitchable channels offer a pair of selectable modes - Clean/Crunch on the Clean Channel and OD1/OD2 on the Overdrive Channel. Each channel has independent tone controls for Bass, Middle and Treble, and the Overdrive Channel also features our critically acclaimed Contour control for tonal versatility."

    "The MG100DFX's specially-voiced DFX section offers Chorus/Delay, Delay, Chorus or Flange effects plus a natural sounding digital Reverb with its own individual control. Add in our revolutionary FDD technology, a parallel effects loop (with switchable level an Effects Mix control), custom 12" speaker, CD input, Speaker Emulated Headphone and Line Output plus a Master Volume control, you have a world-beating combo."
  2. avatar noelyg05
    Ok I am running low on Tesco noodles, I'm lowering the price to £175, anyone interested?
  3. avatar Soup_Nazi
    That is onelazy mofo of a post.

    Check out http://edinburgh.gumtree.com/edinburgh/20/13246720.html

    Notice anything?
  4. avatar noelyg05
    Oh I've been caught out! better not sell it now cos i've used a quote from another ad, please only replys from people interested in the amp.
  5. avatar Oxfam Castle St
    I admire your recycling initiative. Fair play ;-)
  6. avatar noelyg05
    Why thankyou cuts down the old carbon footprint