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Lurker's Amnesty
  1. avatar tinpot anto
    I was reading that bucko thread about how cat this forum is (it's not) and one of the things that came up is there's a lot of lurkers who feel too intimidated by the regular in-joke clique to jump in with their comments.

    Just thought perhaps a thread for some of the new blood to introduce themselves and put a toe in the water would be a useful place to start.

    So walt away yees.
  2. avatar i_amannie_b
    I didn't feel intimidated when i first registered... lol.However, i'm still a young 'un so i accept all new people.
  3. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Hi, I'm Chris. I play in a local band. I've been a lurker since the site began and have only registered recently, lately. I generally have alot to say but close the box before I hit submit but sometimes this isn't so.

    Fastfude is a good place to pass time. I only wish more lurkers would post. See we're all just lurking reading what everyone else has to say because it's amusing.

    If you lurk too long your face, i mean, you'll stay that way.
  4. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Hello. I'm Grizz. It's not my real name (it's paul, as facebook and bebo fans are now finding out.). I am currently 27 years old, and yes girls, i'm single.

    I was drummer in Belfast's most important band, Dirty Stevie, before their 2005 split robbed the music scene of it's MVP, and have posted on fastfude since circa 2001

    My hobbys & interests include: Football, Rugby, good music, attending gigs, "X" is no "Y"/ "X at a specified time prior to yesterday, yesterday" jokes, goading newbs, obsessing over bands i dislike and Fred West/Gerry Glennon-based mirth.

  5. avatar The Mike Andrews
    Hi my name is Mike and I have been here since the glory days. I am 25 and once posted on Christmas day. I stopped posting since I quit the local scene to concentrate on not losing money every time I picked up a guitar. This included mostly not picking up the guitar. Some highlights in fastfude history include the Rhesus/Zerotonin war, drunken posts by Handsome Gaz/ Goatboy, Mogwai fan, the Feline Dreams Empire gig and the time the Oh yeah guys came on and cried like little bitches and where swiftly told to pack up their site and dry there eyes. I, am also, a fan of, overpunctuating and spolling werds rong. I also think Snow Patrol are no F.U.E.L and The tin pot operation are no Jasper who where no babylon by bus who where no that guy who busks outside the chapel in town. My favorite local gigs always included ooops! until the beard sold out.
  6. avatar nonlogic liam
    Hi my name is Liam, I spend most of my time in a high security prison for the extremely mentally disturbed. And yes girls, I'm single.
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  7. avatar i_amannie_b
    [quote:223f4ae55d="nonlogic liam"] And yes girls, I'm single.[/quote:223f4ae55d]

    I'm pretty sure that's the 2nd time i've read that on here. But anyway...
  8. avatar Shane
    Here, but "new bloods" are no "new members" are no "new people who we can patronize" are no "people who we can be smug to" are no "people who don't know why a lot of us have the same photo" et and um CETERA!
  9. avatar greensleevesisgod
    [quote:9775024ec5="The Mike Andrews"]I also think Snow Patrol are no F.U.E.L .[/quote:9775024ec5]

    Think black wear black!

    Edit: I once recieved the promotional T-shirt from my cousin pete as a christmas present... :roll:
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  10. avatar i_amannie_b
    [quote:4c167a0eec="Shane"]Here, but "new bloods" are no "new members" are no "new people who we can patronize" are no "people who we can be smug to" are no "people who don't know why a lot of us have the same photo" et and um CETERA![/quote:4c167a0eec]

    Get out.
  11. avatar Shane
    [quote:c3c4d1034a="i_amannie_b"][quote:c3c4d1034a="Shane"]Here, but "new bloods" are no "new members" are no "new people who we can patronize" are no "people who we can be smug to" are no "people who don't know why a lot of us have the same photo" et and um CETERA![/quote:c3c4d1034a]

    Get out.[/quote:c3c4d1034a]

    Lurkers also won't understand the joke about "Fastfude Member Annie Who Smells A Bit" either. They'll have to join first and find out. :lol: Only joking. You don't smell. But you STINK at English exams!! That was low.. I think I'll get out now....
  12. avatar i_amannie_b
    Lurkers also won't understand the joke about "Fastfude Member Annie Who Smells A Bit" either. They'll have to join first and find out. :lol: Only joking. You don't smell. But you STINK at English exams!! That was low.. I think I'll get out now....[/quote:ea2087f286]

    Lol that was so funny i'm not even offended
  13. avatar Shane
    Lurkers also won't understand the joke about "Fastfude Member Annie Who Smells A Bit" either. They'll have to join first and find out. :lol: Only joking. You don't smell. But you STINK at English exams!! That was low.. I think I'll get out now....[/quote:477c61591d]

    Lol that was so funny i'm not even offended[/quote:477c61591d]

    I'm so sorry that I didn't even offend you on this site. I feel I have failed as a Fastfude member. Perhaps I should slag your "ma" or something? Your ma is..... an English teacher! So's my da actually... I'm not doin too well at bein offensive here am I?..
  14. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    I'm one of these crazy teenagers too. According to Last.Fm, I find Dan Deacon, DJ Scotch Egg, Bob Log III, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, that whole mad E6 thing, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, Boredoms and Devo all acceptable to listen to.

    I don't make music of any sort. I do nothing of any sort.

    You're all bitter shells of people.
  15. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Hallo, I'm mickey. I think i'm smarter than I actually am. I use the word 'perpetuate' to make me seem intelligent, but it's really one of those words I picked up off Ross from hit U.S. comedy 'friends'. I can be a punk rock type, but only in a controlled enviorment. I used to think belfast was a clicky inward looking band scene, but I think I was just a bit resentful because people thought I was a bogger. I'm not a bogger, nor am I a townie: I like to think I'm a splendid mix of the two. I like to play guitar, but know fuck all about gear and 'tone'. I recently made my 'such and such...yesterday' joke a week ago, but I am still waiting to lose my 'x is no y' virginity.

    what I'm looking for is someone who enjoys long walks, dirty talk and red wine.

    edited my favourite bands because in my drunkeness I missed about 10 more that i like and couldn't be arsed adding them
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  16. avatar clss_act_00
    Hi my name is Daniel and I have yet to think of any witty, semi fastfude related comment to make in order to brighten up your (and by this I mean the reader's) day. I shall come back later when I have thought of said comment and edit this

    Edit - This isn't me making thon referred to edit. Rather it is me simply making it look like i have, yesterday.

    ah finally i've lost my, yesterday joke virginity, yesterday

    On that note, yesterday was no last tuesday. Which in turn was no "that day when your man did that thing".

    Thought it best to just get it all out of my system at once. Now I can become a valued member of the Fastfude society, just like Tele, Unplugged and Khris1074

  17. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
    I have never made a fastfude joke. Nor do I plan to.
  18. avatar The Mike Andrews
    Then you lose points for not being scene.
  19. avatar tinpot anto
  20. avatar Orzo


    I actually lurked for quite some time because I lost my account details and couldn't post. Not that I made many posts besides a review of an Enon gig when they played the Empire. Man, quite some time ago now. Does anyone remember that?
  21. avatar kingmob
    Not your review but the gig was genius. They have a new album coming out really soon - October 8 according to Amazon. I've heard one track off it and it's mighty. They're playing two nights in London in November. Classness!

    Also, I'm Graeme, 27, live in London. Posted on here for about six years now. Six years. Jesus Christ. Have never been in a band but know quite a few people from here who were. Did some piss poor music journalism back in the day and now write for a living.
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  22. avatar Orzo
    I reviewed it under a different account because I lost my login details afterwards and disappeared off the FF map for a while. Is it still there?!
    (Goes to look)

    Edit - Can't find that review - can you link it for me if you have it? Cheers!

    In saying this, I should start reviewing more gigs on here rather than posting them on my blog that no-one reads :lol:
  23. avatar chrisjedijane
    [quote:0e6d8fdf5c="dOUBLEwONDERFUL"]I have never made a fastfude joke. Nor do I plan to.[/quote:0e6d8fdf5c]

    No-one ever plans to, but you will....
  24. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    so your plan not to didn't work?


  25. avatar Pix
    Hello. I am Pix. I like fig rolls and owls. I lurked for a while because I was incredibly intimidated by the fastfude 'Monarchs', but then realised that my Bearded Gentleman is a fastfude relic too, so there was no need to be scared. I too think I am smarter than I am, and sometimes I am, but mostly by accident.
    I play the flute, have done in a few outfits in Belfast and beyond, and primarily enjoy The Rawk in Belfast now. I like threads about people's opinions regarding music genres, and dislike threads about religion and sh*tehawks whinging about flogging gear. I lie, I loved that thread.
  26. avatar goatboy
    OK.... here goes. I'm Johnny aka Goatboy and have been posting on Fastfude since about March 1999, although I was banned for a couple of years for trying to put some ars*hole down a peg or two! I'm 23 years old and live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, although I am from Belfast originally. I used to play in a few bands in Belfast back in the day (Petrie, Rhesus, The Dangerfieds, Petrina Goatboy) and I am now in a band in Newcastle called The Plan For Tonight.

    I like drinking, ten pin bowling, lazing around and a spot of football.
  27. avatar tinpot anto
    Since *everyone* else is doing it.

    I'm Anto, of the Tin Pot Operation (see also Raymie, Shaz and Brian)
    I like absurd threads, people having mental breakdowns online and the like. I also like threads where people go "Does anyone know X about Y?" someone says "Yes, contact N at this address" then someone else says "No I did that and contracted Rabies" and so on. i like lolcats too and random goats.

    I over-react to potential displays of racism, sexism, sectarianism and utter stupidity. This is cause i'm trying to get down with the homie chicks and the ballymurph mills.

  28. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I'm going to buck the trend and *not* do this. And its not because everytime I tried it just sounded stupid. No, thats not the reason at all.
  29. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    [quote:e826a81a73="dOUBLEwONDERFUL"]I have never made a fastfude joke. Nor do I plan to.[/quote:e826a81a73]

    If you ever feel tempted just PM me and I'll talk you down. Welcome.
  30. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    I have also recently discovered the joys of 'lolcats'.
  31. avatar Pix
    my favourite lolcats is "I is a subwoofa. doof doof doof."
  32. avatar whipchorus
    Hi, I'm whipchorus and I like East Coast/New England shimmering alt-rock/sadcore, moody jazz/noir from the basements of the Lower East Side, moog-inspired post-punk melodrama, and Italia '90. I also like discussing the merits of the great Belgian teams of 1986 and 1990 (f*ck you David Platt, Matthaus ripped you apart in the Uefa Cup so swivel on that)
  33. avatar tinpot anto
    [quote:548b8c847f]moog-inspired post-punk melodrama[/quote:548b8c847f]

    Try this here www.myspace.com/tchiki


    Edit: wrong link :)

    Edit2: Just thinking Karen[quote:548b8c847f]
    I work with people who believe in party politics.[/quote:548b8c847f]
    Helping them to re-integrate into normal society, through community based therapy, perhaps? :lol:
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  34. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I'm Smitty, I like Man United and Cliftonville, especially around the years of 1996 to 1999. Eric Cantona and Joe Kerr will forever hold a special place in my heart.

    I dislike Scousers and their victim mentality.

    Musically, Black Love by the Afghan Whigs is the greatest record ever.

    PS: Whipchours, thon Belguim, team of 86 was indeed a cracker. Yer man Jan Ceulemans was some player. I can remember the game against the Russians, when Belguim won 4-3.
  35. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
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  36. avatar rentaghost
    I am Karen
    I work with people who believe in party politics.
    I am also a director on the board of Common Grounds cafe
    This season I shall be mostly listening to soul music, the Manic Street Preachers and British Sea Power.
    I have recently developed an aversion to talcum powder.
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  37. avatar la villa strangiato
    My first post!
    Hi, I'm greensleeves alter ego-post-10 posts person.

    I hate it when people pronounce 'Moog' wrong.

    I also discovered that my fastfude account for editing bands etc has merged with the main forum. madness.
  38. avatar The Black Tokens
    ...oops sorry
  39. avatar chrisjedijane
    Hi, I'm Chris. I pronounce Moog "Mogue" when talking about Robert Moog, but "Mooooooooog" when talking about the synths, just because.

    I talk about My Bloody Valentine a lot, and have an unparalleled love for the Fender Jazzmaster. That's pretty much all you need to know about me.

    Don't ask me if my plan worked.
  40. avatar thesneakybandit
    thesneakybandit is no scott edgar of oxjam belfast fame...

    oh, wait!
  41. avatar rentaghost
    talking of which - are there any oxjam slots left for acoustic acts? we had this brilliant bloke playing in the cafe on friday night that you might be interested in.
  42. avatar The Ronster
    I'm Ron, or the Ronster. My real name is Aaron, but not many people call me that.

    I don't have a lot to with with the people on here as a rule, with the occasional exception made for comic effect.

    If you see me out, buy me a blackcurrant cordial - it'll either be free or dead cheap, so there is no reason to be hesitant. But don't expect me to buy you a drink in return, as I hate standing at bars, and I don't understand how they work.

    Up until recently I was always involved in debates of a religious nature, but I've decided to leave people to their delusions while I busy about my own.

    I'm morally indignant, but I know not about what.
  43. avatar savoy truffle
    Name is Dominic and I play in The Delawares. I'm 27. When I was 15 I threw up out of my bedroom window over my sister's friend. I've never owned an mp3 player but am considering buying one. I take breaks from fastfude for a couple of months which makes me appreciate it more. I once got in a stupidly long-winded argument here which I regret. I've been listening to Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show constantly for days. I want to learn the bango and smoke a pipe. I think more youngsters should feel like they can use Fastfude cos it is for everyone.
  44. avatar CallMeKatya
    I am Elizabeth.

    I am from Belfast and like going to gigs. I do this because I cannot play any musical instruments so surround myself with musical people in a vain attempt to give my life meaning.

    I sometimes write about gigs when I can think of enough describing words.

    Some of you may recognise me as "that girl who made a fool of herself in the Bunker/Limelight/Auntie Annie's that time".

    I am a nice person.
  45. avatar Soup_Nazi
    My first post!

    This is my first post.

    Thank you.
  46. avatar thecomeons_2
    what's this you've got against gurkers?
  47. avatar drummer101
    My name is Adam. Im a drummer who doesnt have a band yet. I listen to all different styles of music depending on my mood and other things but mainly metal. I often get very inspired by the power of some music. This sometimes makes me want to go out and spend my money on an instrument I cannot play. Until I come to my senses and realise I already have enough of those in my house. I am also slowly teaching myself the 5 string banjo because I like bluegrass and its a nice change from the drums.
  48. avatar The enfant terrible
    My name is Gerard. I'm a local performance poet (which most people on here thinks menas I wish I was in a band but can't play an instrument). I first got into the local music scene after doing a lot of gigs with the Knights of the Round Table and being surprised at how unsh-it some of them were (for unsh-it see good - just don't want to directly compliment anyone). I like the sight of my own writing and other people's even less especially if it is funnier/ more insightful than mine.

    That said I'm looking for a nice girl who looks like Robert Smith for fun friendship and (maybe) more!
  49. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    My Name is Damien, aka Muncher, headtheball etc. I play the guitar and a few other footery things that are best left unmentioned. Not in any bands at present, just lurking about looking for one that suits, because I haven't the gumption to assembelate it myself.

    I like blethering about the more pointless fiddling about side of guitars, and occasionally sticking my oar into the "controversy" of the day.
  50. avatar gl2200
    I'm known as Mac, and I heart the rock, although at my age I should know better.

    I have previously been a failed musician, failed writer and failed academic. I am currently working towards being a failed sound engineer.

    The past few years I have mostly been making things louder in the Pavilion and the Bunker, but prior to that I was responsible for earth hums and unwanted feedback in Giros.

    I gave up trying to be even vaguely cool years ago, and became much happier as a result. I have an unhealthy obsession with dodgy vinyl from charity shops. I remain deeply suspicious of these new fangled 'compact discs'.

    Seeing as how at least two others have raised the subject: I can actually knock out a tune or two on the 5 string banjo, but opt not to do so in public. Clawhammer style, of course. As Mark Twain said - a true gentleman knows how to play the banjo, but doesn't.

    I eagerly await the Cleverdoll reformation tour.
  51. avatar i_amannie_b
    Time for my intro!

    I'm Annie.
    I'm super duper extra fun.
    And people think i'm angry but i'm not really.
    Unless you annoy me.
    But sometimes i'll just laugh instead of shouting.


    I think i just dug a big ass hole.

    I play guitar and sing etc.
    I have...feet...
  52. avatar The Grace Jones
    Oh, bollocks.

    My name is Glenn and I am and/or was 50% of The Grace Jones, 20% of Lotion, 33.33% of Zerotonin, 25% of The Supermasters, 20% of The Deaf Club, 50% of this :

    [quote:3656e1528b="The Mike Andrews"]Some highlights in fastfude history include the Rhesus/Zerotonin war[/quote:3656e1528b]
    and was instrumental in the original "Fingers Vs. Plectrum" debate of 2001, arguing from the stance that both were valid and further that [i:3656e1528b]Die The Flu[/i:3656e1528b] could stick Jaco Pastorius up his bum. He has since moved to playing guitar avec plectrae through 0.000008 watt amps and has never yet bought me a drink.

    I've been here under various guises since 1999 and have probably met/kissed/played with/thrown up on and/or had a row with most of the "Old Guard" at one time or another.

    I have never been banned because Roger secretly fancies me.

    In my spare time I enjoy hiding under the bed. Hello.
  53. avatar Baelmammon
    Known as Baelmammon, I love ancient Sumerian literature and mystic novels.
    Fastfude highlights: backslapping wa.nk boys war of words by Tin Pot Op and Port of the Fortress news and general making me laugh oh and that infamous photo (boy has balls).Always was and going to be a lurker tis more fun.
    Listening to Von Südenfed - Tromatic Reflexxions and Sandy Shaw tonight.
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  54. avatar Speed Demon
    Well, I'm certainly not a lurker, since I have made more posts than all but 6 other people.

    (That would be T Entertainment, tinpot anto, feline1, fastfude, EPK and rentaghost).

    I play bass guitar quite well, and a number of other instruments quite badly.
  55. avatar JTM
    My real name is John and I need to lurk more. I gave up a dead-end job in a dead-end part of London to move back to NI and debate "X is no Y and X&Y is no Final Straw, and learn about bogmen and "culturals", and kip in a tent with no flysheet with The Evangelists, haunt Vicos, go to every Brusied Fruit gig I can, and basically be a wannabe scenester. I've not touched a record deck or keyboard in anger in years but I am far from hanging up my headphones if the right opportunity motivated me enough to lay down some sounds. Until then I will live vicariously through this forum.

    PS re: banjo picking, Clawhammer-style or Death
  56. avatar Farnsworth
    Hello, my name is Nigel and I'm a housewife from Fresno, California. I enjoy horseback riding, Charles Dance, soup and hair.
  57. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    hello! my name's Thomas. I'm a Psychobilly, I play drums (occasionally) and sing (a lot). I enjoy fine wine and scratching myself in the mornings, and I have a spot on the inside of my right thigh.
    it's a sore one.
  58. avatar captain a
  59. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Hi! I'm Steven and I find this all a bit creepy and embarassing!
  60. avatar rudedoodle
    Hello, I'm Claire.
    I've been posting here since 2002.
    I used to be the local gig circuit's token drunken female loon, until I wised up this year and stopped the madness.

    I met my husband through fastfude in a roundabout way (there is hope for us all).

    I used to poke my digital camera in everyone's faces in 2002/2003, which you can see here
    Fastfude people in the snapshots part at the bottom right.

    For example, here is Smittennn, myself and Rog 'Fastfude' Fastfude at the FF gig in The Empire in 2002. That's right half a decade ago. Scary.

  61. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:22bc094713="CallMeKatya"]Some of you may recognise me as "that girl who made a fool of herself in the Bunker/Limelight/Auntie Annie's that time".[/quote:22bc094713]

    Oh...that girl...
  62. avatar Baronation
    I demand to see Bios from:
    1) T Entertainment
    2) RAAP Managment
    3) Mogwai Fan
    4) Terri Hooley
    5) Michael Fish
    6) Goatboy (pre banning)
  63. avatar thebatgranny
    Hi I’m Chris and I ‘m 29. I’ve been using Fastfude ever since I ‘managed’ (or did the donkey work for) Gecko in 1999. in the 8 years I’ve been using Fastfude I’ve never met anyone who actually uses it that I didn’t already know with the exception of Eammon Keyes, and look what happened [i]there[/i]. I’ve also only been in one band in that time until quite recently when I found myself in Five Inch Vent quite by accident ([url]http://www.myspace.com/fiveinchvent[/url]).

    I play the guitar and hammond organ and my claim to fame is that I was nearly one of Marty’s Malones but found out just in time I’m allergic to talc and West Belfast.

    I don’t have a sense of humour so I don’t post here much.
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  64. avatar ShowYourBones
    Hi one and all, my name is Padraig, although the Primary School kids called me Poofie and then in Secondary School, the fiends opted for Slaphead, it was all a little hurtful. I had my revenge and I can now walk through the lonely streets of Dungiven with my head held aloft. I take pride in my appearance and used to shop in Vintage Shops before it took off. I am an Indie Schimindie type and have a copy of Now 23, I once asked for Keith Duffy's autograph (for my Ma of course).
  65. avatar remedy malahide
    My name is Madge, and I like playing guitar in a band.
    I get wound wound up at the simplist of things, but am generally quite lax.
    There is no excuse for terrible spelling, but I can understand spelling mistakes now and again. I stop reading posts if the spelling is too bad.
    I have been floating about here since about 2000 but kept forgetting my passwords, but now the computer keeps my passwords safe in its brain...
    Once I siffle out the tripe I find many local bands/artists very entertaining.
    To name but a few I like:
    Mary's Great Idea
    Dutch Schultz
    Amy McGarrigle
    Mojo Fury
    The Delawares
    MGJ Andrews Exverimental
  66. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    thanks :roll:
  67. avatar BookBookBook
    My name's Tom and I get bolstered about by T Entertainment and The Fires Of Hell in TWS. I like the banjo and will never give up the thought of taking it up.

    Sometimes I like to show my face at rival soul band's gigs and lurk, like I do 'ere.
  68. avatar remedy malahide
    [quote:9223877f10="Numbnut Sounds"]thanks :roll:[/quote:9223877f10]

    T'was only a few I named, but as my heart is pink my tokens are black! :wink:
  69. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    [quote:ce51d5216f="remedy malahide"][quote:ce51d5216f="Numbnut Sounds"]thanks :roll:[/quote:ce51d5216f]

    T'was only a few I named, but as my heart is pink my tokens are black! :wink:[/quote:ce51d5216f]

  70. avatar The Mike Andrews
  71. avatar remedy malahide
    [quote:593e7ec43e="The Mike Andrews"]Gays[/quote:593e7ec43e]

    Get out of my shed Mr Andrews!! :lol:
  72. avatar fatterkin
    Im fatterkin, trying to quit playing games and get back into music, so swing by here once or twice a year when i remember about it and then realise that there isnt much music discussion here. like it tho, so will try and post more. Cant play an instrument, am lucky to have rythmn in the bedroom and no where else.
  73. avatar scott_evil
    My name is Scott im 23 I also play in five inch vent with Chris and i wasnt aware that we now have a myspace, altho they dont tell me much. im more there for aesthetics. I got together with the guys about 7 months ago after answering an add on here and our very first gig is next week. Check out www.myspace.com/fiveinchvent i havnt seen it so dont know what is on there but knowing Chris i bet it looks nice!!
  74. avatar LittlrockAx
    Lurker's Amnesty is no Welcome the Newbie thread.

    I'm Ax and have been hanging around here for a while now on a big brotheresque, stay-til-you-can't-take-anymore way. There are some parts of FF which are really excellent (really!)

    I have bought a few things in the former classifieds section which have been great value from decent people who didn't stand me up or feck me around.

    I have asked for advice on certain technical issues and have always found people's advice to be sound and relatively jargon free.

    I have stumbled on new and interesting music through the gigs and recruitment section. Although I have never formed any kind of music project here because I have no need for a drummer in my exciting three piece post prog punkmo band and as a strictly "cover" artiste I have sold out and am frowned upon for doing everyone out of gigs they aren't playing.

    The general forum makes me sigh out loud in a depressed fashion and makes me go to other forums for a few days where people are generally nicer to each other and where thread hijacking and abuse is not tolerated at all. I always check back in because some of the non-cliquey, non-pedant,non-religious, non-flaming stuff is really very funny indeed.

    Of the various forums that I would be on this is the only one that doesn't have an official welcome thread for newbies. It's only decent in modern online polite society.

    Nothing is more popular here than an argument (about nothing) that cannot be won, but has at least three extreme views.

    My posts are always, ALWAYS [size=18:a6d51c1bf8]ALWAYS[/size:a6d51c1bf8]faaaaaar tooooooooo long.

    Christians shouldn't be allowed to make music.

  75. avatar Stevie Mac
    Hello, I'm Steve and I sleep most of the time. When I'm not doing that or reading pop science books, I play bass in The Hellfire Club and also do occassional solo acoustic gigs on the side for material deemed too winsome and sensitive for the band. I used to present 2 shows on QR and still very much enjoy telling people what good music is for their own good.

    I knew nothing of the local scene until I got blown away by Fighting With Wire in the Bunker about 4 years ago and resolved to make more of an effort. Since then I found many people making pleasing sounds at gigs in the immediate area.

    I started reading the forum around the same time and find it very useful for keeping up to date with what's going on music-wise in our fair city. Big threads that go nowhere are mostly futile but at least they give me something to read in work.
  76. avatar tates modern
    [quote:54fa9e65ad]I always check back in because some of the non-cliquey, non-pedant,non-religious, non-flaming stuff is really very funny indeed.[/quote:54fa9e65ad]

    [quote:54fa9e65ad]Christians shouldn't be allowed to make music.[/quote:54fa9e65ad]

    I guess you aren't very funny LittlrockAx?
  77. avatar The Mike Andrews
    [quote:d99cff3c92="remedy malahide"][quote:d99cff3c92="The Mike Andrews"]Gays[/quote:d99cff3c92]

    Get out of my shed Mr Andrews!! :lol:[/quote:d99cff3c92]

    I'll beat yer heed in.
  78. avatar whipchorus

    This is my first post.

    Thank you.[/quote:3a8e4f0c2d]

    'Having avatars of old footballers' is no 'User name lifted from Seinfeld'
  79. avatar Soup_Nazi
    Well I suppose everyone is telling all so I will join in.

    My name is Pete and always use fastfude (when I havent been banned). I think the classifieds and the techie sections to be pretty damn good. I like to keep up to date with the latest happenings and have promised myself to get to more local gigs now when uni starts up again.

    Oi Gerard McKeown - whens your next poetry night? I saw your stuff on youtube and must come and see you. Didnt know you were on here....you see everyone this Amnesty is a pretty damn good thing.

    I think there should be a top 3 fav albums to get a grip of each other...

    My top 3 fav albums are:
    3. Blood sugar Sex Magik - RHCP
    2. Appetite - Guns n Roses
    1. Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers
  80. avatar TimS
    I'm Tim, i play guitar in Sines and i've been lurking since the start. I post a bit in the gig and classifieds section but this is my first ever post in the main forum.

    i like Pavement and the Super Furry Animals and i think the 'x is no y' thing is somewhat past its sell-by date. i'd like to post more and i hope this thread is a catalyst for not only me, but some others too.

    au revior
  81. avatar LittlrockAx
    tates modern
    I always check back in because some of the non-cliquey, non-pedant,non-religious, non-flaming stuff is really very funny indeed.

    Christians shouldn't be allowed to make music.

    I guess you aren't very funny LittlrockAx?[/quote:0de501e9c5]

    *depressed sigh* (see original post for significance)

    I said to myself, "Don't put the smiley on it, people will understand the joke. Give them some credit. People will get the reference to the Christian band thread. People will understand that it's just a reference to the type of flaming things that go on here that irritate you."

    I shouldn't really listen to myself as much.

    TM, it's a version of the old 'All taigs/prods are bigots' joke. (cos anyone that says such a thing is a bigot - see what I did there :wink:)

    So, for the record. I find it nearly impossible to keep posts short and weemin shouldn't be allowed to play music..... :roll: ;-) :roll: ;-) :-D :-D :-D :shock: :? :oops: (Is that enough smileys?)

    As you were.

  82. avatar trixie sidebottom
    I'm Trixie Sidebottom, a lurker for the most part. I love loungecore and all manner of hammondy things. Also, Common Grounds' brownies - I have noticed that they are portals to another universe.
  83. avatar xfirefishx
    Heya, I'm Lou - I'm 21 and I lurked on Fastfude for many months when I was still at school before finally joining in 2004 when I moved to Belfast although I was still bemused by much. I met a large collection of Fastfuders shortly after, one night when I was hanging round the Union attempting to meet people and well, the rest is a very, splattered, drunken history.
  84. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Eamonn be my name. Singer in a band, promoter of gigs, moderator of fastfude, dispatcher of taxis and animal of parties.
  85. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Well hello,my name is The Beard.
    Peon's will call me "Mr. Beard" whilst friends/associates/veterans may call me any expletive they chose.
    I'm a bonefide knob twiddler and aurel receptor located at my second home,The Front Page.I'm also/was an honorary co. director of a reg'd music charity.Should really check up on that.
    I have also been known to hide sweeties in me beard to lure youngsters into the fine art of music.
    I've lurked here for years and have successfully lost count...result!
    My vital stats are...

  86. avatar Stalina
    I've been lurking for years. I post only when seriously provoked or feel the need to plug performances by my nearest and dearest.

    My name is Laura. I have terrible taste in music, I like thinking about the past and eating painkillers like sweeties. I'm a big fan of black hair dye and skoda octavias.

    I got a bass guitar for Christmas and can so far only play that bit from With or Without You by U2.

    Things I write sometimes appear in the local press.

    I have a manx cat who weighs a stone. She loves sitting on the keyboard.

    Sleeping is nice.
  87. avatar chrisjedijane
    [quote:8d1fb8902b="rudedoodle"]Hello, I'm Claire.
    For example, here is Smittennn, myself and Rog 'Fastfude' Fastfude at the FF gig in The Empire in 2002. That's right half a decade ago. Scary.


    oooh, i was at this - it was my first local gig, and a long time before i joined FF...
  88. avatar Niall Harden
    ah, that was the gig at which i picked up my (oddly now lapsed) lifetime ban from the empire..
  89. avatar nev
    Hi, my name is Nevan and I am 19. I enjoy procrastination, squarepusher and my final fantasy wallet. My major dislike is Bentra golf course obviously.

    I play guitar but not in any major bands. I also have a fondness for electronic music which I may take further. Currently, I am about to start Queens and hopefully will not be wasting my life.
    Last edited on , 1 times in total.
  90. avatar Baronation
    I hear The Bentra does a good feed though.

    I am not about to start Queens and do not play guitar. That's my bio.
  91. avatar kingmob
    You forgot to add that your MySpace blog is a piece of comic wonder.
  92. avatar goatboy
    [quote:25d270765c="kingmob"]You forgot to add that your MySpace blog is a piece of comic wonder.[/quote:25d270765c]

    I hope that Baron set's his blog to private so you can't read it Mr Too Cool For Myspace.
  93. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    It is with a kind of fear that I begin to write the history of my life. I have, as it were, a superstitious hesitation in lifting the veil that clings about my childhood like a golden mist. The task of writing an autobiography is a difficult one. When I try to classify my earliest impressions, I find that fact and fancy look alike across the years that link the past with the present. The woman paints the child's experiences in her own fantasy. A few impressions stand out vividly from the first years of my life; but "the shadows of the prison-house are on the rest." Besides, many of the joys and sorrows of childhood have lost their poignancy; and many incidents of vital importance in my early education have been forgotten in the excitement of great discoveries. In order, therefore, not to be tedious I shall try to present in a series of sketches only the episodes that seem to me to be the most interesting and important.

    I was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, a little town of northern Alabama.

    The family on my father's side is descended from Caspar Keller, a native of Switzerland, who settled in Maryland. One of my Swiss ancestors was the first teacher of the deaf in Zurich and wrote a book on the subject of their education--rather a singular coincidence; though it is true that there is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his.

    My grandfather, Caspar Keller's son, "entered" large tracts of land in Alabama and finally settled there. I have been told that once a year he went from Tuscumbia to Philadelphia on horseback to purchase supplies for the plantation, and my aunt has in her possession many of the letters to his family, which give charming and vivid accounts of these trips.

    My Grandmother Keller was a daughter of one of Lafayette's aides, Alexander Moore, and granddaughter of Alexander Spotswood, an early Colonial Governor of Virginia. She was also second cousin to Robert E. Lee.

    My father, Arthur H. Keller, was a captain in the Confederate Army, and my mother, Kate Adams, was his second wife and many years younger. Her grandfather, Benjamin Adams, married Susanna E. Goodhue, and lived in Newbury, Massachusetts, for many years. Their son, Charles Adams, was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and moved to Helena, Arkansas. When the Civil War broke out, he fought on the side of the South and became a brigadier-general. He married Lucy Helen Everett, who belonged to the same family of Everetts as Edward Everett and Dr. Edward Everett Hale. After the war was over the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

    I lived, up to the time of the illness that deprived me of my sight and hearing, in a tiny house consisting of a large square room and a small one, in which the servant slept. It is a custom in the South to build a small house near the homestead as an annex to be used on occasion. Such a house my father built after the Civil War, and when he married my mother they went to live in it. It was completely covered with vines, climbing roses and honeysuckles. From the garden it looked like an arbour. The little porch was hidden from view by a screen of yellow roses and Southern smilax. It was the favourite haunt of humming-birds and bees.

    The Keller homestead, where the family lived, was a few steps from our little rose-bower. It was called "Ivy Green" because the house and the surrounding trees and fences were covered with beautiful English ivy. Its old-fashioned garden was the paradise of my childhood.

    Even in the days before my teacher came, I used to feel along the square stiff boxwood hedges, and, guided by the sense of smell, would find the first violets and lilies. There, too, after a fit of temper, I went to find comfort and to hide my hot face in the cool leaves and grass. What joy it was to lose myself in that garden of flowers, to wander happily from spot to spot, until, coming suddenly upon a beautiful vine, I recognized it by its leaves and blossoms, and knew it was the vine which covered the tumble-down summer-house at the farther end of the garden! Here, also, were trailing clematis, drooping jessamine, and some rare sweet flowers called butterfly lilies, because their fragile petals resemble butterflies' wings. But the roses--they were loveliest of all. Never have I found in the greenhouses of the North such heart-satisfying roses as the climbing roses of my southern home. They used to hang in long festoons from our porch, filling the whole air with their fragrance, untainted by any earthy smell; and in the early morning, washed in the dew, they felt so soft, so pure, I could not help wondering if they did not resemble the asphodels of God's garden.

    The beginning of my life was simple and much like every other little life. I came, I saw, I conquered, as the first baby in the family always does. There was the usual amount of discussion as to a name for me. The first baby in the family was not to be lightly named, every one was emphatic about that. My father suggested the name of Mildred Campbell, an ancestor whom he highly esteemed, and he declined to take any further part in the discussion. My mother solved the problem by giving it as her wish that I should be called after her mother, whose maiden name was Helen Everett. But in the excitement of carrying me to church my father lost the name on the way, very naturally, since it was one in which he had declined to have a part. When the minister asked him for it, he just remembered that it had been decided to call me after my grandmother, and he gave her name as Helen Adams.

    I am told that while I was still in long dresses I showed many signs of an eager, self-asserting disposition. Everything that I saw other people do I insisted upon imitating. At six months I could pipe out "How d'ye," and one day I attracted every one's attention by saying "Tea, tea, tea" quite plainly. Even after my illness I remembered one of the words I had learned in these early months. It was the word "water," and I continued to make some sound for that word after all other speech was lost. I ceased making the sound "wah-wah" only when I learned to spell the word.

    They tell me I walked the day I was a year old. My mother had just taken me out of the bath-tub and was holding me in her lap, when I was suddenly attracted by the flickering shadows of leaves that danced in the sunlight on the smooth floor. I slipped from my mother's lap and almost ran toward them. The impulse gone, I fell down and cried for her to take me up in her arms.

    These happy days did not last long. One brief spring, musical with the song of robin and mocking-bird, one summer rich in fruit and roses, one autumn of gold and crimson sped by and left their gifts at the feet of an eager, delighted child. Then, in the dreary month of February, came the illness which closed my eyes and ears and plunged me into the unconsciousness of a new-born baby. They called it acute congestion of the stomach and brain. The doctor thought I could not live. Early one morning, however, the fever left me as suddenly and mysteriously as it had come. There was great rejoicing in the family that morning, but no one, not even the doctor, knew that I should never see or hear again.

    I fancy I still have confused recollections of that illness. I especially remember the tenderness with which my mother tried to soothe me in my waking hours of fret and pain, and the agony and bewilderment with which I awoke after a tossing half sleep, and turned my eyes, so dry and hot, to the wall, away from the once-loved light, which came to me dim and yet more dim each day. But, except for these fleeting memories, if, indeed, they be memories, it all seems very unreal, like a nightmare. Gradually I got used to the silence and darkness that surrounded me and forgot that it had ever been different, until she came--my teacher--who was to set my spirit free. But during the first nineteen months of my life I had caught glimpses of broad, green fields, a luminous sky, trees and flowers which the darkness that followed could not wholly blot out. If we have once seen, "the day is ours, and what the day has shown."
  94. avatar artofdarkness
    My first post!
    I am not entirely convinced that "coming out" is a good idea, but I am a long-time lurker. I have met the Beard, but he wouldn't remember. I own a copy of "Hits 82", which knocks any Now compendium into a cocked hat. My first musical memory was watching Paul McCartney's Mull of Kintyre on TOTP in 1977 and being unable to understand what bagpipes were, and why the men were wearing skirts. My parents also told me that the Village People were "men who just liked to dress up". And now I'm going home.
  95. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I'm iain, i'm not really a lurker anyway.

    I'm easily spotted as the guy standing by himself at gigs, probably leaning on something, with a pint of coke in hand

    Feel free to say hi, but as my hearing is fairly shot, you'll find that I'm not as witty or charming as I appear here and my general response will be "What?" repeated at volume until we both give up any pretense of conversation
  96. avatar colin

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  97. avatar delfuego
    I like to lurk, it makes me warm and fuzzy in special places :smt112
  98. avatar The enfant terrible
    Oi Gerard McKeown - whens your next poetry night?[/quote:1ca320861f]

    Sorry, only just saw this, there's a gig tonight at the Blackbox. If you miss it we're at bookfinders on the 28/9.
  99. avatar ResidualMicky
    Hello, I'm Micky and I lurk here when the notion takes me. I growl/scream/holler for Residual Effect. I too, like Eamonn Evangelist, am a dispatcher of taxis! (Weird!) I like nothing more than a right good session down the boozer and a good curry. So there you go. 8)
  100. avatar crouchingferret
    Howdy y'all. I'm Cully; I play bass and provide the glamour for local pysch-country-whatever types The Delawares. Oddly, I'm also a former dispatcher of taxis like our previous poster Micky and earlier poster Eamonn. But I hated it so I quit. I'm very fond of Rush, Black Sabbath, Kate Bush and the pre-disco Bee Gees, dodgy Italian horror movies and the Villa. My favourite local artistas are (deep breath)...Farago,Tin Pot Operation,The Eliots,The Dregs,Furlo,Swanee River,The Answer,Geoff Gatt,Cat Malojian,Henry McCullough,Bap Kennedy,Boathouse and Stratospheric. I post sporadically on Fastfude when drunk, but am endeavouring to post more frequently when sober.
  101. avatar unplugged
    Im Unplugged

    Im the resident fastfude fisherman.
    I like to drop a bait in the water (usually my comments) and watch em bite.
    ps - Guys you should have learnt by now i like to take the piss.

    Apart from that i work overtime too much to have time to comment on here. I have however never commanded taxis. Its too much like hard work.

    Your all a good bunch of chaps though.
  102. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [quote:5cb7902fe0="crouchingferret"]Oddly, I'm also a former dispatcher of taxis like our previous poster Micky and earlier poster Eamonn. But I hated it so I quit.[/quote:5cb7902fe0]

    The tales of your smashed phones and roars of fury live on. ;-)
  103. avatar penthouserehersal
    hi im not really a lurker since they unlocked ff at work

    people call me nez / don / king nez the king of spain, one person doesnt call me at all anymore the cold hearted b1tch

    i mainly read though sometimes contribute & i do use ff to trade.

    i hate my job (day job not the studio bit) and have always dreamt of working as a taxi dispatcher
  104. avatar tinpot anto
    [i:8cf8e5faac]Here's me, yesterday, and today, yesterday[/i:8cf8e5faac]
  105. avatar Pete
    I'm Pete.

    I'm an ex aeronautical engineer, now sound engineer. I run Blueroom Recording Studio.

    Alledgedly I'm a bass player, I have vague recollections of playing in a band called morph. I can occasionally be glimpsed out and about playing hit pop songs with a cover band. I am a musical whore.

    I was a very regular poster and I'm one of the moderators but I haven't been around much lately as I've been too busy making feedback and recording toilets.

    I enjoy many local bands but at the minute I'm especially enjoying The Delawares and Lotion.
  106. avatar Lotion
    [quote:9961e98282="Pete"]I'm Pete.

    I'm an ex aeronautical engineer, now sound engineer. [/quote:9961e98282]

    Pete is also Lord of the Vibraslap, Master of the Butane Tank, Doctor BitCruncher, The Tsar of Sex-Wee and The King of Ohhhhm. What I say now is hand-on-heart fact : during recording of the new Lotion E.P. [plug][i:9961e98282][url=http://www.lotion-music.com]release date Oct 1st![/url][/i:9961e98282][/plug], he made Marty Lotion bite a pillow and then climb inside a bin.
  107. avatar huggy baps
    he hasnt been the same since...
  108. avatar crouchingferret
    [quote:c0d93f7360="Eamonn Evangelists"][quote:c0d93f7360="crouchingferret"]Oddly, I'm also a former dispatcher of taxis like our previous poster Micky and earlier poster Eamonn. But I hated it so I quit.[/quote:c0d93f7360]

    The tales of your smashed phones and roars of fury live on. ;-)[/quote:c0d93f7360]

  109. avatar The Almighty Whip
    Hi, my name is David and I am an alcoholic.
    You may remember me from such threads as:
    "Fingers versus plectrum" and "George Best has died!"

    ...then again you may not...

    ...it has ever been that way. Silkily I have moved among you, pushing here, twisting here AND there...moving all toward a climax of happenstance much as a mouse in the mindworks of Douglas Adams might.

    Zerotonin, the Supermasters, Fragile Human Organs...these and more I can claim...they were all mine ...and I theirs.

    I do not expect you to understand. I do not expect you even to consider. That is my hold on you. You will read and then you will forget that you have read... but you will never be able to undo the work that I have wrought.
    At the helm of the mighty Big Red with one hand on an ill-fitting instrument and another on a WuDang battle-scalpel I have sculpted this scene 'til i knew it could never lose my stain.
    I am proud of your illness because it is mine...

    ...and I lurk because my work is all but complete.

    I am also available for children's parties.

    Love and Kisses,
    The Captain
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  110. avatar che_mcclean
    I'm Kenny Loggins. I wrote "Danger Zone".
    Last edited on , 1 times in total.
  111. avatar The Grace Jones
    [quote:3d6d85482c="The Almighty Whip"]
    Love and Kisses,
    The Captaim[/quote:3d6d85482c]

    [size=18:3d6d85482c][i:3d6d85482c]and one day,
    they'll call me Captain,
    and every rookie,
    will get down on his knee[/i:3d6d85482c][/size:3d6d85482c]
  112. avatar mcflymo
    [quote:fa0afc691b="Lotion"]he made Marty Lotion bite a pillow and then climb inside a bin.[/quote:fa0afc691b]

    I think he also made me cry a couple of times aswell... during the pillow biting... *ahem*
  113. avatar mickelodeon
    [quote:efbc62323e="The Grace Jones"][quote:efbc62323e="The Almighty Whip"]
    Love and Kisses,
    The Captaim[/quote:efbc62323e]

    [size=18:efbc62323e][i:efbc62323e]and one day,
    they'll call me Captain,
    and every rookie,
    will get down on his knee[/i:efbc62323e][/size:efbc62323e][/quote:efbc62323e]

  114. avatar The Ronster
    ...and so, yet another useful, well intentioned thread descends into chaos and ultimately depravity...
  115. avatar Andrew
    There's nothing chaotic or ultimately depraved about Police Academy.

    [i:ce93ad4eb5]Captain Mauser, yowsa yowsa...[/i:ce93ad4eb5]
  116. avatar Pete
    [quote:9ad169a5c2="mcflymo"]I think he also made me cry a couple of times aswell... during the pillow biting... *ahem*[/quote:9ad169a5c2]

    They were surely tears of joy...
  117. avatar trisomy21
    My first post!
    well i only registered an hour ago! :smt035
  118. avatar thepalemonarch
    I am Andrew , i registered back in 1647 through my wireless E-haprsichord , but my frilly cuffs caused a typing error so my username ended up ThePaleMonarch.

    Not that any of you know me , but hello !
  119. avatar i_amannie_b
    I haven't been on in ages.
    Does that class me as a lurker?
  120. avatar *j
    i'm jane, long-time lurker, second-time poster.
    happy hallowe'en one and all.
  121. avatar georgia
    Hello hello,
    I'm Georgia, no mystery there.
    I sometimes lurk and sometimes post, depending on how much time I want to waste when I should be doing something productive. I'm [i:f0e20abb13]The Greeters[/i:f0e20abb13]'s vibroslap specialist and from time to time I supply saxual favours to them Delawareans.
  122. avatar georgia
    [quote:0a25d39e2b="georgia"]Hello hello,
    I'm Georgia, no mystery there.
    I sometimes lurk and sometimes post, depending on how much time I want to waste when I should be doing something productive. I'm [i:0a25d39e2b]The Greeters[/i:0a25d39e2b]'s vibroslap specialist and from time to time I supply saxual favours to them Delawareans.[/quote:0a25d39e2b]

    Oops, it has been pointed out by Kasey ([i:0a25d39e2b]Greeters[/i:0a25d39e2b] drummer and Head of Linguistic Correctness) that it is of course a vibr[b:0a25d39e2b][color=red:0a25d39e2b]A[/color:0a25d39e2b][/b:0a25d39e2b]slap.

    Also a debate rages at [i:0a25d39e2b]Greeters[/i:0a25d39e2b] HQ about whether I am [i:0a25d39e2b]The Greeters[/i:0a25d39e2b][b:0a25d39e2b][color=yellow:0a25d39e2b]'s[/color:0a25d39e2b][/b:0a25d39e2b] vibr[b:0a25d39e2b][color=red:0a25d39e2b]A[/color:0a25d39e2b][/b:0a25d39e2b]slap specialist (the band being singular) or whether I am [i:0a25d39e2b]The Greeters[/i:0a25d39e2b][b:0a25d39e2b][color=yellow:0a25d39e2b]'[/color:0a25d39e2b][/b:0a25d39e2b] vibr[b:0a25d39e2b][color=red:0a25d39e2b]A[/color:0a25d39e2b][/b:0a25d39e2b]slap specialist, as greeters are, of course plural.
    Wish I hadn't mentioned it now. Terribly sorry to have bothered everyone.[color=red:0a25d39e2b][/color:0a25d39e2b][color=red:0a25d39e2b][/color:0a25d39e2b]
  123. avatar kasey
    Well hello there and ding dong,

    I'm relatively new here and I find a lot of the threads to be like picking scabs. I'm a bit of a lurker, but more than that, I'm a voter. I proudly use my 25 votes every day. I'll vote negatively for a wide range of inconsequential reasons, including bad punctuation. I can't help it. Since giving up smoking recently, I'm filled with a white, hot rage. So if I appear on your profile as "totally unimpressed" don't take it personally.

    By the way, I'll vote negatively any time I see the word c*unt. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prudish ingénue. It's just I'll not be happy until there's an equally disparaging word for dick.

    Ding dong x
  124. avatar The_Martyr
    [quote:56e2f52a15="kasey"]By the way, I'll vote negatively any time I see the word c*unt. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prudish ingénue. It's just I'll not be happy until there's an equally disparaging word for dick.

    Ding dong x[/quote:56e2f52a15]

    I'll hop in here to offer up my linguistic history knowledge, and let you know that the c-bomb was in fact meant to be an equally powerful equivalent for coq, both having the same root (ho,ho) in good old Anglo Saxon. All you gotta do is take it back, sisters.

    My name is Chris, and I have a passion for writing, speaking, thinking, and involving words in things. I like to double-team The Sun's lunchtime crossword when I can, and I play in If Holds Cry. I got my most recent job through a hatred of misspellings. Tornoto was the most recent.

    Today marked an important day, as I bought my first-ever Fender, it's a japanese Jaguar.

    Everyone I've ever met from fastfude I have passively met, just catching them browsing and finding out their secret. My latest and best discovery was chrisjedijane. I used a Jazzmaster that night.

    I love shoegazey mathy indie, fugazi, hot water music and solid pop rock too. I try to combine these to form a whole.

    I would like a Fender amp soon. Donations welcome.
  125. avatar Mowgli
    My first post!
    Not yet a lurker

    Well I heard about this place the other day from my mate "NPDS", checked it out yesterday n joined today so guess I had better lurk about a bit before I post my first reply....Doh!

    Hope to have the cr*p taken otta; me" mercylissly (bad grammer and spelling on purpose to give extra ammo) while I contribute pearls of wisdom from my extensive knowledge base ;-)

  126. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Hello...my name is Rose. I am a founder member of Velma. I post somewhat sporadically (usually after 12.30AM as I am a complete insomniac). I have been a member of FF since Noah was a wee boy dreaming about arks...

    So there.
  127. avatar bruster
    I used to be a lurker sometime ago. I am only back really to see if someone who used to come on here went back to prison. lmao.
  128. avatar thelithopedion
    Bonjour...je suis une lurkeuse? :?

    I work in the aul' Opry House and bum about Queen's.

    I suppose I'm here because the missus is always going on about it. Plus, I'm one of those people who really does mean to go to gigs but only gets their act together a week after they happen. Hence, I could do with keeping in the loop.

    Loop ahoy, then...
  129. avatar iamkrisnixon
    hi. im Kris, living in london and moving back to belfast come the end of the month. Im into music 'n all, used to write live music reviews for fate magazine for a couple of months before i fucked off to london to attempt doing a degree...

    Im going to start up a stand up comedy open mic night in central Belfast around march time, i'm looking for people who fancy giving it a go...if anyone fancies it, PM me or email me. im going to post a bit of an advert trying to find folk around a few of the pages here, im not intending to spam, just drum up some interest from people who want to get involved. sorry if i piss off any regulars/trolls.

  130. avatar Yer Woman
    I'm Yer Woman. Long time lurker under several usernames (I keep forgetting my password).
    I appreciate the witty quipery(sp?) of feline and chortle regularly at the blind neo-conservatism of the under-18 contingent that post on this here board.

    As you were!
  131. avatar Link Lad
    Hey i be Link Lad, i'm a youth worker in the Link Family and Community Centre. We work with marginalised young people and various peoples around Ards area. I used to post awhile ago but have completely forgotton under what name. My main purpose for posting is that in an effort to rejuvinate our drop-in centre i suggested opening our back room as rehearsal space for local bands and to run a band project during the summer. In order to do this i need expertise that i just don't have so i post to try and be able to run this stuff as best as it possibly can be. Any help gratefully recieved. Also learning to play the guitar learning on a cheapy strat but have just got the money together to buy a Gibson Les Paul Studio so very excited!
  132. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside

    Band Name:



    Leadbelly, Robert Johnston, Sonic Youth, Archie Bronson Outfit
    Delay, Fuzz, DGADAD, oscillations.

  133. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Editing history
  134. avatar The enfant terrible
    Editing history[/quote:ee9f6ec375]

    Are you like me then, you like puytting a load of lies on wikipedia and laughing when you here it recieted as fact down the pub.
  135. avatar pennyrocks
    I think I'm only doing this cos I've been up all night and delirium is setting in.
    My name is Penny. Hello. I've been about for a while. I was in Blinder ( a band) many ( god!) years ago as their singer and co-writer. I then jumped ship to suck on satan's cock and sign to RGB who became Religion music. If you ever need any advice about them please get in contact.
    I wrote and performed for lots of different heads in the dance realm. It's me on "Home" Coast to Coast and "Such is Life" Rank1. If you don't know who they are then I couldn't blame you.
    Worked on an album with Mark Murphy in Dublin. He now plays with The Devlins.
    Came home, fell in love, left Religion and taught myself to play my songs on the guitar and started gigging to the joy of 3 people in a bar including some drunk old guy who just wants to hear Whiskey in a bloody Jar! I ran a night in Vico's which ran its course and am now working on a sci-fi concept album with Robin Smyth.

    I am not a music snob and find FF annoying, endearing and habit-forming.

  136. avatar Casey_Ryback

    I'm ally. Lurked for quite sometime. Inspired to sign up and post by the belfast "fegs and pizza" four. Still dont understand any fastfude in-joke so cant see me making any for quite sometime.

    Treat her right
  137. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:131ae4e39d="Casey_Ryback"]Still dont understand any fastfude in-joke[/quote:131ae4e39d]


    Ally, not understanding fastfude in jokes, yesterday. (sorry, couldn't find a decent female one...)
  138. avatar Casey_Ryback
    [quote:c9bc74994b] (sorry, couldn't find a decent female one...)[/quote:c9bc74994b]

    Its okay. I'll forgive you.....being that i'm a bloke and what not.....
  139. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:f566ddc474="Casey_Ryback"][quote:f566ddc474] (sorry, couldn't find a decent female one...)[/quote:f566ddc474]

    Its okay. I'll forgive you.....being that i'm a bloke and what not.....[/quote:f566ddc474]

    Fair enough, the only other ally i know who spells their name that way is female.
  140. avatar Lotion

    You haven't lived.
  141. avatar Big Homeless
    you need a lot of stamina.
  142. avatar Acid Theatre
    I haven't been lurking. I just pretty much ignored the site from I'd registered.
  143. avatar Tracy @ Soul Ambition
    Life coach and would-be musician (I'm working on it). Currently working with musicians/music charities on goal-setting, confidence-building (for performance and just for being a rock star generally) and doing some bits and pieces myself, including a 2-part workshop by CREATE Ireland for musicians trying to make it.

    Info. from that on my site - [url]http://www.soulambition.co.uk[/url] - and MySpace blogs - [url]http://www.myspace.com/soulambitioncoaching[/url] / [url]http://www.myspace.com/tracetheoutline[/url], which I will be adding to as I learn more myself. (Might be nothing new there for you's but you never know...)

    I do a free coaching session as standard - no obligation for further coaching - so any of you strapped musicians needing a bit of a boost/kick up the proverbial, feel free to contact me through any of the sites.

    Oh, and a new joiner, so not going to attempt any in-jokes, which are no out-takes.
  144. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    I'm Jamie, and I'm scared of you all :oops:

    pssht yeah basically im a 16 year old so I'm a bit of a n00b to it all.
  145. avatar RockShandy
    Here, what's the crack with only ten posts allowed in 24 hours?
  146. avatar Franky Van Der Elst

    Treat her right[/quote:8e45300286]

    Good band. RIP Mark Sandman.

    Hi, I'm ex-Belgian international footballer and Club Brugge legend Franky Van Der Elst.
  147. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Is it really sad that I noticed this comment was going to be the 10,000 view this topic has had?

    Is it sadder that I viewed it 8 times before making the comment so I could make that comment?
  148. avatar Cake

    You haven't lived.[/quote:1acb3b78ad]

    Jésus, yer man from Coheed and Cambria has fairly aged. The new haircut does him no favours at all.
  149. avatar Fideln
    My first post!

    I'm a long time lurker.

    I'm a tone deaf electro lover. I serve drinks and study. I also like the beach. Love me, love me do.


    But, erm, yes, hello. :)
  150. avatar the er
    Im Emma-Rose and have just discovered this thread on a lazy day in work.

    can't remember when i started posting but i was a lurker for a while. don't often post as i don't normally have anything of interest to say (this post for example).

    you've probably seen me at one gig or another.
  151. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    I've been playing in bands in Belfast for a long old time.

    I work as a booker for Shine / The Stiff Kitten.

    I dislike the posts of Tinpot Anto.
  152. avatar ginpromo
    This reads like the minutes of an AA meeting.
  153. avatar blonderedhead
    I work as a booker for Shine / The Stiff Kitten.

    Just outta interest, how you get that job? Would love to work in that area in the future or even present
  154. avatar lincsman
    i'm new to this site i moved to belfast from england about 3 years ago and used to sing in a band called starter who are still going over there for a few years and i've not bothered my arse doing anything musically for about 3yrs now but am now trying to form a new band :-D
  155. avatar SangByFire[Mick]
    I'm Mick and this site has about 7 or 8 regular people who post. I'm not one of 'em. I've used the site to organise a few things but I'm still not up to speed with some of the things that go on. Do the 7-8 people all work in the same office or summit? I'll just take it that it years of gig organising. All good, hopefully see ya at some point.
  156. avatar EmSixTeen
    I'm Aaron, aka nobody, but hey thar. I'm too lazy to actually play music, I just spend my time listening to it..

    Triangle area reprahzent and all that shit. t'ra.
  157. avatar belezabaub
    I'm Michael. I like to make excuses and not tell people the whole truth. Currently working on a very interesting project involving music. I say project but in reality is more of a scam. The thing is I'm an incredibly lazy c word.

    I work part-time while living full-time with the folks. To keep things cool (I should be working at least 60 hours a week, a young lad of my age should be saving for a house or a car), I pretend to be somewhat of an artist.
    This involves temper tantrums, heavy drinking and the odd dose of recording music.

    I gently antagonize the situation by leaving depressing lyrics out in full view for everyone to see and sometimes when I'm feeling particularly naughty cover them in red ink as if to say I have bled over them. Muhahahaha....

    I only found out about this site and as such I'm very excited. So excited, I'm going to smoke a ciggarette and think about a topic to post.
  158. avatar s1
    I only signed up today. Been having a wee look on the forum for a while and though sign up! Knock about that other forum as well.
  159. avatar elgarra
    My first post!
    I'm Bob, i used to play guitar for Thee Dreggs (Not The Dregs) and The Keepers. This is the first time i could be arsed posting.

    I only started lurking so i could laugh at the "Retro bar, Portrush v The Venereals" thread.
  160. avatar albrechtspencil
    Fionn from Albrecht's Pencil here, guilty as a part-time lurker for about the last 6 months now. I reckon the reason there are so many lurkers is because when you read a lot of posts on here you think 'but what if my post makes me sound like a pleb too, just like that guys, and that guys and that...' And so we continue to hide in the shadows afraid to enter the realm of almost-annonymous internet blethering, lest we should sound just as stupid as a lot of other regular potsers.
  161. avatar Shane
    My name is Shane. This is my first time posting here. I would like to be warmly welcomed without any tones of cynicism, irony or sarcasticisizims. I also don't play with any bands or a plectrum, and don't own my own fingers. I like the colour 'smell' best out of all of them.

    Happy annivoisiary thread. Fudebye and guidnigh.
  162. avatar Tiocfaidh Ar La
    My first post!
    jis foun out bout here g8t site like
  163. avatar goatboy
    [quote:977ade323b="Tiocfaidh Ar La"]jis foun out bout here g8t site like[/quote:977ade323b]

    Yeah, man. Nice username!
  164. avatar T Entertainment
    LOL the boul boy's craic is ninety!!!! FTQ
  165. avatar goatboy
    Aye, he's a boul wee boy alright. The 'RA - FTW.
  166. avatar tinpot anto
    It makes me sad becuase Joe Dougan doesn't like my posts.

    Joe I have a hug for you, I keep it right here.


    There may be a financial crisis, but at Anto's Bank Of Love your credit is always rated Top.

  167. avatar SweetDickWilly
    I'm SweetDickWilly and I can't believe I did the whole team.
  168. avatar whipchorus
    I'm whipchorus and I got covered in shit from the Dave Matthews Band's tourbus.
  169. avatar Pavel
    It's not so much intimidating, it's more like deciding to dip your toe in a steaming bath you didn't run - you're just not sure if it's too warm or just right.
  170. avatar synthesezia
    My first post!
    I am synthesezia and I come via the shine board. I only signed up here after talking with a mate about how shite the club scene is in Belfast these days, and after going to Ecker I am determined to find out about new nights.
  171. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    My first post!
    I am Sir Bob Gelding and I will hit you doggy style
  172. avatar chris5031
    This is really intersting forum. Just discovered it while trying to find a bloody cello teacher in belfast; know one?tell me, please! :D
    My name is chris, I am 23, studying an MA in Film and Photography and just graduated from a Hispanic and Lusophone Studies BA(Hons). Been in London and Buenos Aires for about 4 years and have just come back to Northern Ireland. Trying to learn Cello. Don't play anything else at present. Very interested in music in general. Musical influences at present: Zoe Keating, Amanda Palmer, PJ Harvey, Camille, Jorane etc etc etc
  173. avatar glitxysadie
    My first post!
    I'm Sadie,I'm 27,I lurk to get me through the day in my dreadfully dreary day job..and because I'm a voyeur..I hate bad spelling and then mispelt my user name.I want to start a thread but fear the wrath of all the forum members and no one will reply and I will be forced to take a long hard look at my life... it aint pretty folks.
  174. avatar manversusjim
    Jim, 22, in Belfast, and lurking while trying to find a decent bass-playing gig in this place. Trickier than it sounds. I'm even thinking of taking up the guitar, ferchrissakes. Still, nothing quite like slagging others anonymously to keep you in touch with Norn Iron's music peoples.
  175. avatar prestolovesvarla
    hi there I'm Chrissy and i Lurk here ...when i'm not lurking on 'plentyoffish.com' ... *ahem*

  176. avatar Nocarsgo
    I'm Patrick, I'm new here. :-D I've been registered on this forum for quite a while but I've realised that I've barely posted here so this is my hello! I've got a blog called Secret Fireworks (www.secretfireworks.tk) which mostly covers local music, if you're interested check it out. :D
  177. avatar gared
    Hi I'm Gared and I just registered there now. I come here mainly for gear discussion but also gig discussion looks good too. :) I play guitar but am not in a band at the moment. Who knows, eh?
  178. avatar Persistence
    I'm Laura, I'm sixteen, and I mostly lurk. When I'm not lurking, I like to go to gigs, review them, and pester people about why other gigs aren't all ages. I'm trying to build up a portfolio of reviews because I'm considering a career in journalism or gig promotion (but I've bugged yiz all enough about that, so wheesht, I know). My mother wants me to grow up and look at a proper job. I also play drums to a reasonable degree - djembe and kit.

    Started a blog for reviews at http://craicaddict.tumblr.com :D (there's, like, 2 things up there at the moment, give it time.)
  179. avatar fatboy
    im fat boy and ive run back n forwards to fastfude,lost 2 stone and much hair.i sing,i scream,i wail with much aplomb.good website,good bands,goodbye
  180. avatar gared
    [quote:5265228e0c="prestolovesvarla"]hi there I'm Chrissy and i Lurk here ...when i'm not lurking on 'plentyoffish.com' ... *ahem*


    Ah you too eh? Good site!! :lol: I met a girl off there and she was a complete nutjob.....kinda put me off to be honest. :)
  181. avatar Tuesday KId
    My first post!
    Hey I'm Tuesday Kid. I've recently started singing for a local metal band. We're not ready for gigs yet but hope to be ready soon.

    I also run a blog at [url]http://www.duderay.blogspot.com/[/url]
  182. avatar gared
    [quote:ff813dfe17="Tuesday KId"]Hey I'm Tuesday Kid. I've recently started singing for a local metal band. We're not ready for gigs yet but hope to be ready soon.

    I also run a blog at [url]http://www.duderay.blogspot.com/[/url][/quote:ff813dfe17]

    So you're duderay! I've seen your stickers on lamp posts around the Lisburn Road.
  183. avatar gared
    [quote:e0a5f88f36="glitxysadie"]I'm Sadie,I'm 27,I lurk to get me through the day in my dreadfully dreary day job..and because I'm a voyeur..I hate bad spelling and then mispelt my user name.I want to start a thread but fear the wrath of all the forum members and no one will reply and I will be forced to take a long hard look at my life... it aint pretty folks.[/quote:e0a5f88f36]

    hahaha, not at the Limelight forum these days I see.. :(
  184. avatar elusivelight
    My first post!

    I'm elusive, I used to go under the screen name of Iamshamless quite a while ago and have no idea what the password was or what email address I had used!
  185. avatar PFX
    My name is Rab Transistor. I only just registered and I posted before I read this topic. I'm not scared to post. I would only be intimidated if you're the sort to eat yer Buckie bottle once you've finished pouring the festering contents of said bottle in yer gub and were standing in front of me making shapes. Saying that, if ye've just sunk a bottle of that pish, I reckon I could get first dig in anyway. I also put 2 spaces after every sentence when I type.