1. avatar spirit of division
    [size=9]spirit of division / visonic festival present:[/size]


    Fri 5th Oct
    Laverys ATTIC**
    doors: 9pm - late
    adm: £10[/b]




    KID606 aka Miguel Depedro, born 1979 in Venezuela and raised in California, dropped out of school and life to make music and run around the world bringing his uniquely reckless fucked up and beautiful music to our fucked up and beautiful world (one dance party at a time). Insipired by the best of electronica, punk, jungle, hiphop, Bass, dancehall and techno, kid606 Fuses it all together with a love of POP culture that andy warhol would approve. Critically acclaimed releases (both legal and illegal) on ipecac,mille plateaux, fatcat, 555, his own tigerbeat6 label as well as remixes for artists as disparate as depeche mode, the locust, peaches, and super furry animals have painted a clear portrait of kid606 as a inspired, angry and iconoclastic artist more concerned with emotional content then popularity and unwilling to be pigeonholed in any vacant scene or soulless musical genre. Open your ears and shout along, or close your eyes and dance but always expect the unexpected.


    "Kid606's music is impossible to pigeonhole. Citing influences from Napalm Death to Modest Mouse to Joy Division, he spits out spastic, scatterbrained, and utterly beautiful electronic music."








    As Ryan once said...

    [quote]who needs blurb anyway, the Pete Jez school of musical review;

    Filaria - f uckin amazin
    Iso9 - f uckin amazin[/quote]

    or pm me!


    [color=violet]Visonic Festival: [/color][url]http://www.visonic.org.uk[/url]
    (out of date site but I'll add a new link soon)
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  3. avatar rl-vl
  4. avatar eucrid eucrow
    This is gonna be so friggin' lethal.
  5. avatar rinky
    FREE Bop Yestrum pre-party in the Black Box cafe too - details soon.
  6. avatar Warren Drugs
    I like his Paddington Bear t-shirt.
    His music is class too.
  7. avatar Iso9
  8. avatar doctorlilt
    fuhkin' savage craic bhoay.
  9. avatar spirit of division
    venue and date change.
    agent gave me the wrong date :s grr.
  10. avatar gregz
    might want to change the date on the headline as well pete
  11. avatar spirit of division
  12. avatar doctorlilt
    still the 5th Oct then?
  13. avatar dOUBLEwONDERFUL
  14. avatar spirit of division
    Fri 5th indeed! Tickets on sale by monday!
  15. avatar xfirefishx
    This sounds like its going to be great. I think Filaria were like one of the first local bands I ever saw when i moved to Belfast - do they have a trumpet or a saxophone or something? I think I remember them being good so looking forward to seeing them again! :)
  16. avatar my-angel-rocks
    It does look like a saxophone in the photo, but it might just be a very long metal tongue

    Why has Oct 5th got so much on that night?
  17. avatar spirit of division
    what else is on? oh no :(
  18. avatar churchwarden
    Looks good

    any word on when the rest of Visionic is being announced?
  19. avatar rinky
    over the next couple of days I think. Some Yestrum-related goodness involved.
  20. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:2d00c7383a="spirit of division"]what else is on? oh no :([/quote:2d00c7383a]

    According to my lastfm calendar it is the same night as Stars in Speakeasy and is the same night as the Oxjam showing of Blood Diamond in Commongrounds.

    Damn, decisions decisions...
  21. avatar spirit of division
    Commongrounds is fine...it will probably be over early....dont expect kid606 til midnight really.

    Not so sure about Stars though.
  22. avatar spirit of division
  23. avatar mcflymo
    No really guys, can you consider moving it to either the 4th Oct or the 6th, [makes futile attempt to suggest moving gig night, due to band playing in Newtownards that night] there is.... umm... hundreds of really important other stuff going on about NI that night, so ummm like it would be commercial suicide to play on 5th Oct. I hear the 4th or even the 6th will have far better appeal.... No really... I asked my mate and he says it's totally cool to move it to one of those days instead.

    PLEASE?!!!![/makes futile attempt to suggest moving gig night, due to band playing in Newtownards that night]

    Very upset that I'm going to miss this. Filaria floats my god-damned boat not even in small amounts. Fu[b:6c848f220f][/b:6c848f220f]cksake LEEK...
  24. avatar Iso9
    you can also hear filaria at the diston visonic show.

  25. avatar mcflymo
    Argh... Stop doing this too me, there are already about 60000 gigs I need to see this month!!
  26. avatar spirit of division
    Bumping! Dont forget - this is the only Irish show this time round and for the near future...!
  27. avatar Iso9
    anyone interested in hearin the sorta stuff i'm gonna play this weekend can check me out on queens radio tonight...ie monday. i'll be doing a little mix on a show called 'the attic', plus i'll be picking some tunes for their playlist too i think. show is 10pm - 12am and is always a top listen.
  28. avatar spirit of division
  29. avatar gregz
  30. avatar spirit of division
  31. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    3 pages means this will be good!
  32. avatar spirit of division
    It was pretty good...maybe dragged near the end but it was a long day for me...shame there werent more there...thanks to everyone who played and came, especially Hornby and Clare....yo!
  33. avatar Iso9
    yeah, was fun. cheers for having us. see you tonight.