1. avatar Peter Ferry
    Has anyone any advice regarding Tele Deluxe Reissues?

    Im interested in getting one...but Ive just had a bad experience with a Strat and Im not too sure. Im a Les Paul man by heart.


  2. avatar tinpot anto
    There's a cracker looking black one in the Guitar EMporium at the moment.

    Black body and scratchplate with big old knobs.

  3. avatar glzebub
    i've played a few tele deluxes and the one thing i always hate is the overly glossy finish on the necks. almost un-playable to my hands, when you sweat, which you do while playing, it just feels...horrible.

    i've a mexican std tele.
    slightly less cool but definately as good if not better for quite a bit less money...they're made in the same factory. they feel slinky as fcuk. IMHO.
  4. avatar gavinearly
    I think I have one of those guitars you're talking about. Is this it?


    I think its a good guitar, nice wide range of tones, decent action, nice to play. but then again what would I know.... Edited by: gavinearly at: 22/12/04 10:09 am
  5. avatar Seulement encore
    Dude - Telecasters are OK.
    My advice would be to get a Yamaha Mike Stern 1511 model.
    It's just like a Telecaster but it has a wider range of tones.
    I find Telecasters to be very bright sounding and glassy.

    If you really wanna get a Telecaster get the Ritchie Kotzen signature Telecaster.
    Really amazing guitar.