1. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    My first post!
    Messin about on Ebay.Thinkin bout buyin an oul keyboard for peanuts, just ta record some stuff in the background.
    ......Anyone have any knowledge of old Bontempi Hit 5 keyboards or WEM/Teischord keyboards?
    ......Stuff like the sound type you can get out of em and how versatile they are?


  2. avatar PaulMaks
    Oh please, I know your probably not a keyboardist or even into it.... but dont waste even a few pennies on a bontempi or something equally novelty like...

    They may not have midi inputs or audio outs for recording, and as much as they could be mic'd or do have the necessary output its gonna sound cheap. If you want some nice background textures, I have a selection of pro boards and synths that'll help you along... i'll even play for you on the recording if you want...

    Yamaha AN1x
    Yamaha Cs2x
    Yamaha DX-7
    Korg Triton
    Korg Micro Synth

    Paul Maks

    [url]http://www.myosin.co.uk[/url] Edited by: PaulMaks at: 2/12/04 3:13 pm
  3. avatar feline1
    Yeah, get a DX7 and make all your music sound really @#%$.
    Great idea.

  4. avatar zebulon
    Feline 1 [i]is[/i] the Eno Police.

    But seriously folks, I've just been listening to Volvograd's collected recordings and the keyboard sounds on it work well and sound great, and Dave only used a nasty little Casio mini-key thing I believe.
    So it just goes to show, it's what you do with them that's important, not how professional or well-spec'd. Edited by: zebulon at: 6/12/04 12:03 pm
  5. avatar PaulMaks
    Why you!!!!!!!
  6. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    Thanks for the replies,

    Dude, I thought I wasn't gonna get any replies so i just went ahead and bought the bontempi hit 5, it's winging its way as i write,all for only 10 quid.So I can't go wrong too bad.

    Really its just for a few plinkety plonks in a few tunes so as long as it plays in key and sounds mellow good enough, and anyway too many buttons scare me.

    Thank for the offer though Paul Maks, I'll let ya know how I get on, ill send ya a copy when or if I ever get it down.

    Just some mellow Americana kinda stuff.
    Thanks again..what was up with Eno's hair anyhows??
  7. avatar PaulMaks
    Good luck with it - you may be pleasently suprised!

    That'd be nice, throw me a copy sometime.

    Paul Maks

  8. avatar feline1
    Eno contracted the disease of allopecia at an early age.
    [i]Eno's hair, yesterday[/i] Edited by: feline1 at: 5/12/04 4:03 pm
  9. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    Did ya see roxymusic on the old grey whistle test dvd?
    Never mind the Eno, the guitar player wins the style front by a mile, nice glasses.
  10. avatar feline1
    that original appearance of Roxy Music on Whistle Test,
    where they do "Ladytron" and everything,
    remains for me one of the most definitively exciting blueprints for what pop music should be like, period.
  11. avatar EPK
    It was.....I mean, there wasn't even a [i]hint[/i] that Ferry'd release "Boys And Girls" in the far flung future.
    It was raw,sci-fi pop-rock that was utterly different, and Eno was some sort of weird creature.
  12. avatar Jim Cava
    I have a keyboard with midi etc that i will give away for free(as I dont play keys and its taking up space in my house).
    Its a Kawai K1-not the greatest but better than a bontempi Im sure.First person to email me gets it.

    Kawai K1 Synthesizer Specifications

    Type: Synth/ keyboard/
    Synthesis Type: Digital LA with ? MB of ROM
    Max: 16
    Typical in use: 8
    Multi-timbral (number of parts): 8
    Oscillators per Voice :
    Min : 1
    Max : 4
    Controllers : Joystick
    Keyboard :
    Number of Keys : 61
    Can send on 1 simultaneous MIDI channels
    Responds to : velocity, after-touch
    Sounds can be split by :
    Memory :
    Patches : 64
    Performances : 32
    Inputs and Outputs :
    Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 1
    Number of Audio Ins :
    Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1
    Number of MIDI Ins : 1
    Upgrade Options : RAM/ROM Cards
    Comments about the sounds :
    A mixed bag. Some excellent pads and strings are available, but so are an awful lot of cheesy sounds.
  13. avatar RoobieMacoolie
    the bontempi came
    its about2.5 feet bt 1 ft
    fake brown wood laminate
    looks pretty cool actually
    its an electric reed organ and it sounds pretty good!
    wierd sea shanty sound
    nice one
    if anyone wants a lend of it drop me a line
  14. avatar Jim Cava
    K1 is gone by the way