1. avatar The Almighty Whip
    My first post!
    How does one go about repairing/replacing a fookt/buzzing speaker in a 60w Vox Bass amp?

  2. avatar zebulon
    There's a fair chance it's not actually the speaker.

    Is there a DI or preamp out socket on yr amp?
  3. avatar rahamilton
    Hi. As Zebulon says, a buzzing isn't always the speaker, and a good check is to temporarily connect another speaker to the amp. If the buzz is there all the time, even when you are not playing, it's definitely not the speaker, and you have an amp or guitar problem. If the buzzing only happens when you are playing a note, and doesn't happen on your new temporary speaker, then it probably is the speaker, or maybe a rattling loose screw, clip, name plate, socket, handle etc. - so check these first and make sure everything is tight. Assuming the speaker is definitely faulty, maybe a damaged cone or scraping voice coil, the things to get right with a replacement are: - Size - say twelve inch, but also check the fixing screw spacings and whether it mounts to the back of the baffle board or the front. Impedance - If it's eight ohms, only fit eight ohms - should be marked on the speaker chassis. Power handling - marked in Watts, get something at least as powerful. Less important, but if you get a choice, an efficient speaker which produces a high Sound Pressure Level( measured in number of decibels for 1 watt power at 1 meter ) will make the most of the available amp power. 92dB is fairly poor - 100 dB is pretty loud. If you have a vintage amp that may actually be worth money, make an attempt to get the exact speaker, or as close as possible, it'll pay when you come to sell it. It is possible to re-cone old speakers, but I don't know anyone locally who does it. Lastly, use the correct tools so as not to damage the fixings, make a note of which wire is soldered to which terminal - they should be marked + and - , don't damage the new speaker whilst fitting - Make sure the amp is not connected to the mains whilst working at it - good luck!

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  4. avatar The Almighty Whip
    I almost didn't believe it when I figured it out.
    Its the brand new six string bass that has the problem.
    It's just buzzing to pap treble bollocks after a few minutes playing.
    WHy oh why is this happenning to me?