1. avatar iamshameless
    Anyone know a good person to go to for mabye a new bridge/machine heads, i don't think I would really trust mattchets etc to do this type of stuff, nor would i trust myself!
  2. avatar numbnut31
    does the new shop do repairs??
  3. avatar numbnut31
    I think the guy on Castlereagh Road/Street does....

    check the FAQ's
  4. avatar Jim Cava
    I know a guy.Very proficient.Email me and ill give you his number/email.Hes based in Belfast.
  5. avatar EPK
  6. avatar Norm Fireland
    Jim, would this person you know be able to put a new nut (brass or graphite) into my les paul and cut it to size for heavy string gauge? And obviously the accompanying truss rod adjustment and set up? If so, you wouldnt mind emailing me his contact details at norm@fireland.tv

  7. avatar Jim Cava
    Its not a big job so I would imagine that he would have no problem with it.My emails not working at the mo but Ill email you his details sometime tomorrow.If the neck is fine , fitting a new nut wouldnt need any truss rod attention.If you play a reasonable amount of guitar you should get it looked at/set up every year and a half or so
  8. avatar Norm Fireland
    Yeah, im putting heavier gauge strings on, so i will need the truss rod adjusted. Thanks for your help