1. avatar goatboy
    OK. So I have decided to give Cubase (SX version 1 I think) a whirl to demo a few new tunes but I can't seem to get the buggerin' thing to work. I'm just testing the water a bit before buying any more hardware for my PC. OK, so I have Cubase open and want to record something using the first audio channel. I can either plug my guitar into the mic socket or line in socket on my soundcard (Soundblaster Live), which should I plug it into? The line in socket isn't half as loud as the mic in socket

    Anyway, fact is...... I can make noise come out of my speakers. When I try and record onto the audio track it records nothing / very very very low. I have the volume up on the channel. Is there any master volume knob I can't see or something? If so, where is it located? Any other ideas what it might be?

    Ta folks.
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  2. avatar goatboy
    Problem sorted.

    Cheers Pete.
  3. avatar Pete
    No problem
  4. avatar numbnut31
    Just so that other peopl who may have a similar problem might want to know - perhaps it would be nice to share the knowledge.....

    or - perhaps you should get a preamp - you'll need this to boost the signal into
    your computer (into your "line in").

    If not a specific preamp - a mixing desk will do this - or in fact an effects board will prob boost it a bit more for you.

    Oh - think about a differebt Soundcard if you think you'll expand your set up - the MAudio cards (for example) are much much better and still as affordable.
  5. avatar Pete
    He happened to catch me on MSN Messenger and I walked him through it.

    Turns out the inputs volumes were all down on the soundcard. Easily fixed from the audio properties part of Windows control panel. It wasn't a Cubase problem at all.
  6. avatar glzebub
    mr morph, you seem to know what you're talking about...

    if one had a new pc with fairly good processor, RAM, etc... running XP , but had shittty on board(integrated) sound/graphics......would it be prudent to invest in a dedicated sound card to record guitar? i'm thinking as i type "yes gareth, that's obvious" but hey, and...which soundcard, there are so many. do you have to spend lots of money or is there something good for not a lot of cash?
  7. avatar numbnut31
    "Yes, Gareth, thats obvious" - do buy a soundcard.....

    ..but you are best with some sort of pre-amp too, even a small desk would do.

    MAudio are good cards amongst many, most/all will say you can record direct into them, and you can - but for something like a guitar you are best with a pre-amp too.

    The other thing is that without a dedicated soundcard you'll get big latency problems (ie, the time from when you play the guitar, and when you hear it!) - a s/card will reduce this.

    If you can go for an internal s/card (MAudio 24/96 for example,) or a Firewire version - USB are ok (i have the MAudio Ozone which is a midi controller keyboard too) but the latency isnt quite as good as firewire.

    You can get the 24/96 for approx £80-100, the Ozone is around £200.