1. avatar ChaosInEden
    A question to those who are synth literate.
    What does one use effects wise with their synths.
    I'm thinking delays, chorus, reverb, etc... Also what about the order of connections, et al???
  2. avatar EPK
    Any any all of those, including distortion to mangle the sound.
    However, put reverb last, as it'll then diffuse the sound of earlier effects, like delay, and make a spacey wash that'll sound cool as f**k.
    Chorus will fatten the sound. For all four mentioned do it in this chain...
    Synth,distortion, chorus,delay and reverb.
    Thank you and goodnight.
  3. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    shurely this belongs in the equipment section? or a bizarre question section?

    synth -> reverb -> compressor -> distortion

    probably an incredibly anti-theoretical approach, but live my synth just goes through my bass guitar effects in the above order. the reverb and compressor gives that lovely pulsing Benny Benassi sustain effect. even nicer if you can trigger the compressor's side chain from the kick drum.
  4. avatar ChaosInEden
    In terms of effects hardware, what do you all recommend?

    The four you mentioned Eamonn would very likely be the set-up used, maybe as well as a phaser.
    Also what about d.i.'s you just go straight outta the last effect into the D.I.?
  5. avatar EPK
    But it really depends what sort of approach you have.
    LDS is into edgier electro sounds, although I'd
    probably put compressor last in that chain.
    I prefers atmosphere. Reverb ain't that important in pedal/FX box terms, most will be OK...Boss DD3 for delay, Big Muff for distortion, MXR or Moogerfooger for phaser (dear,though....)
  6. avatar ChaosInEden
    what bout chorus?

    Also if one was to purchase said items, where would one get the best deals on these deals, individually or altogether?
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  7. avatar EPK
    Put yer chorus and phase after each other..doesn't matter which first. You're unlikely to use them together as they're both modulation sources that don't really happen together.
    For prices try [url="http://www.thomann.de"]Thoman[/url]
    the online shap...or else somewhere regular like GAK.
  8. avatar feline1
    Yeah I mean just put any effect you want on your synfs! In any order - just listen with your ears and see what sounds best - There are no rules!
    (unless of course you are Nicholas Carlisle, then you have to shout "Look! I don't want GUITAR effects on my synths!" or sthg

    Some tricks include:
    turning up the resonance ("Q") on a filter so that it is almost self-oscillating, and then shoving it through distortion/overdrive - when you sweep the filter, you get immense psuedo-sync ├╝ber-growling. (I always do this with my bass pedals, for instance, as can be heard on Feline clawwsicks like "At A Standstill", "Little Pitbull" and "Get Ewer War On"
    Aphex Twin used some delicious digital distortion on stuff like "Come To Daddy" and "Windowlicker"

    Check out early Gary Numan or John Foxx records like "The Pleasure Principle" to hear just how much vast amounts of reverb, phase and flange he puts on everything.
    Or indeed Kraftwerk - practically every sound on "Autobahn" is going through a phase shifter

    Another trick is useing echo (deleys) - it thickens up chords and lead lines, especially if they already have an LFO on them for vibratro or pulse width modulation.
    and Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream were always putting echoes on sequences riffs to make the notes all interlock and go ahine.

    If you listen to Jean-Michel Jarre's EQUINOXE (particularly Part 5), virtually the entire MIX of the record has been put through an echo!
    Not to mention vast lashings of phaser and big swimmy chorus clawws.
  9. avatar gregoriavitch
    has anyone any experience of the line 6 fm4?

    i know its a bung-as-many-fx-in-a-box-as-possible job, but some of the things here sound pretty familiar.

    AND, i'd sell organs for a moogerfooger... Edited by: gregoriavitch at: 15/11/04 2:59 pm
  10. avatar ChaosInEden
    you're all beautiful people, really, you are.

    I'm going for the atmosphere's with it like.
    The other thing is, I wanted to try putting on my drum machine through effects as well, probs, kinda like the stuff names previously but also low pass filtering for some gritty, lo-fi sorta stuff.

    good? bad? ooh-glee?

    Are there any good chorus pedals out there, or are they all much of a muchness?
    Is sound on sound useful for effects pedal reviews?
  11. avatar feline1
    yeah, mash up a drum machine with FX, always good for a laugh.

    Phasing/flanging on drums makes them sound much less static.

    If you have separate outputs for the different drum sounds, you can (say) take the snare out on its own and put loads of reverb on it.

    Distortion can be clawws, your bass drums will boom and bulge and the snares really smash.

    Another nice trick to put echo (dital delay) on a simple drum pattern, and find a delay time which makes a whole new rhythm.