1. avatar JonAftermath
    ...has been plastered all over my local phone box!

    And he looks particularly pleased with his new student account!
  2. avatar Stevie Mac
    He'll waste it all on footling obscure noiseboxes and perm re-sets at Toni & Guy, mark my words.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    This has to be scanned and posted. IMMEDIATELY.
  4. avatar fastfude
    Yes, I was surprised, outraged, confused and then sleepy when I saw this on the phone box opposite the new apartments by Tesco on the Lisburn Road.
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    Phone boxes: is he combining student account endorsement with male prostitution or something? Again?
  6. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:03ca188f4b="T Entertainment"]combining student account endorsement with male prostitution[/quote:03ca188f4b]

    There's a difference?
  7. avatar hoaxdrummer
    He does have alot of nice gear... I'd often wondered how he afforded it..

    He's also partial to curries.. not the cheapest take aways in the world.

    I think this riddle has been solved by his corporate whoring and general rent-boy style activities!

    God bless him though, he does play a mean SG.
  8. avatar Crackity_jones
    AU Stu as well, I was confused when I saw this. It on the one outside Sunrise/Benedict's on Bradbury Place.
  9. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    The curley hair ballix is also on the phone box at the top of Arthur St. I nearly threw up when confronted by his bake yesterday morning.
  10. avatar pirates!

  11. avatar T Entertainment
    :smt041 :smt005 :smt078
  12. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    That's awful.

    Kill him.
  13. avatar Numbnut Sounds

    He's wearing his Moog T-Shirt

    Who'dve thunk it
  14. avatar T Entertainment
    It gets much better - you have to watch this:


    I kinda feel funny...like I want to open a Bank Of Ireland student account.
  15. avatar Niall Harden
  16. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Fvck me that is grim.

    The fella should be flogged to within an inch of his curley life. :lol:
  17. avatar fastfude
    Featuring the Rt Hon Bill Gatt as suspicious professor too, hilariously fooled by that cunning disguise.

    Seriously though Chris... :smt082
  18. avatar thesacredhearts
    Hahhaahh! Northern ireland just can't do advertising can it?
  19. avatar all-is-vanity
    Mr Gowdy's in there looking particularly 'emo @ 15'...thought that would have gone by now.... :lol:
  20. avatar TapeAndTippex

    And I say again:


    That is all.
  21. avatar T Entertainment
    To quote Tap: "She shan't recover from this one."

  22. avatar CallMeKatya
    The horror, the horror...

    That advert isn't actually going to be on TV, is it?
  23. avatar the dirty weed
    heh! good times.

    curly chris is a legend
  24. avatar hoaxdrummer
  25. avatar The Grace Jones
    YOU FOOL! DID THE CAREER-ENDING LESSON OF [i:e005a25ee8]THAT[/i:e005a25ee8] HARP ADVERT TEACH YOU [b:e005a25ee8]NOTHING[/b:e005a25ee8]!!
  26. avatar tenrabbits
    Chris.. you do realise if you get famous this will overtake goatboy getting decked and Ciaran at the air guitar championships as the most posted thing on here?
  27. avatar rentaghost
    sometimes bank accounts are more than just bank accounts
  28. avatar thesacredhearts
    [quote:987cb07039]goatboy getting decked[/quote:987cb07039]

    I dunno about that. Gotaboy didn't get paid to get decked, and im still fascinated that he maintained ownership of his bottle of cider and mostly smoked feg.
  29. avatar T Entertainment
    And as far as we know Chris Jedi Jane at no point dropped his trousers and performed a Nazi salute.

    Any moment now...

    Ha, excellent Rentaghost. I demand EVERYONE adds that as their avatar, a la the time it happened to me. I who was more sinned against than sinner.
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  30. avatar yodaISgreen
    the advert is priceless.
    the only way he can salvage this is to make a whole series of shorts, each luder and more twisted than the rest.
    perhaps the puppet turning to drugs and dropping out, before being assaulted by Holmer?
  31. avatar rentaghost
    Don't blame me, blame Niall Harden.

    I thought you might appreciate it, T-ent.
  32. avatar tinpot anto
    Did it work?



    Sound one :-)

    Chris does this mean i'll not be running into you in the Lisburn Tesco's anymore? The high life beckons!
  33. avatar tenrabbits
    Banks are more than just places to keep money you know.. they're our [i:6c66de8c61]friends[/i:6c66de8c61].*

    *This statement is in no way related to my sucking of the corporate teet. Probably.
  34. avatar The Grace Jones

    p.s. you soul is damned to hell, you realise.
  35. avatar tinpot anto
    The thing is though Bank of Ireland, are ironically a cancerous bunch of utter, utter, unrelenting c*nts.

    I like how they like to take money off me for "FEES" only to give it back when I ask them.

  36. avatar tates modern
    What Chris doesn't realise is he'll be the face of bank of Ireland for about 5 years. So the £24 he earned will start to look rather little comparitive to all the hardship he'll go through. My ginger mate's photo of him tying his tie is on their fliers and has been used in Queen's graduation packs for about the last 4 years.
  37. avatar JTM
    Will people now start chanting "Bank of Ireland!" and "Did His Plan Work?" at JJ gigs?

    I know I will.
  38. avatar smittennn
    [quote:ca5c31b7a7]I demand EVERYONE adds that as their avatar, a la the time it happened to me. I who was more sinned against than sinner. [code:1:ca5c31b7a7]

    i hope the avatar works.
    i wish i had access to MYSPACE from work;
    he looks a bit POTTER in it.

  39. avatar Steven Dedalus
    I wish I was rock and roll enough to be in a bank advert.

    I probably never will be, though...
  40. avatar fastfude
    This calls for an "[url=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qItugh-fFgg]All Your Base[/url]" / "[url=http://zidanedeathstar.ytmnd.com/]Zidane vs Death Star[/url]" style video featuring that photo of Chris.
  41. avatar JTM
  42. avatar jenniemcc

    The best part is - poor Chris is in London and prob has no idea about all this yet!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  43. avatar adorable
    My first post!
    i love curly :D
  44. avatar chrisjedijane
    The best part is - poor Chris is in London and prob has no idea about all this yet!

    I do now...

    Honestly, I leave the country for a couple of days, and havoc ensues...

    Jesus Wept...

    :oops: :oops: :oops:
  45. avatar The_Martyr
    Fortune favours the brave, Bank of Ireland favours the poor and hopeful.

    Welcome home Chris!
  46. avatar goatboy
    Haha. Absolute quality!
  47. avatar fastfude
    No-one has stuck a sign with "did it f*ck" underneath yet. It can only be a matter of time.
  48. avatar JonAftermath
    Sorry Chris, I did not anticipate this reaction!
  49. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I demand that this runs and runs and doesn't show any sign of slowing down for at least say 3 months.

    Get small children to point at him out on the street. It's the only right thing to do..
  50. avatar Niall Harden
    clearly his plan was to become the ubiquitous fastfude avatar du jour.
  51. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote:e600b12814="fastfude"]No-one has stuck a sign with "did it f*ck" underneath yet. It can only be a matter of time.[/quote:e600b12814]

    By your command.

  52. avatar The enfant terrible
    Methinks you're all just jealous. He gets to appear in a crap add for a mediocre bank and still manages to look like he's rocking out.
  53. avatar ryanego
    And to think, only last week, I took this very man's advice on synthesizers!

    Bank of Ireland is no under your mattress.
  54. avatar The_Martyr
    He's stuck in what seems like the perpetual brink of a sneeze, that may last for months, if not years!
  55. avatar Steven Dedalus
    There's one of the posters outside the Botanic train station. I just had to stand there for a while, struck with a profound sense of....something.
  56. avatar Gogs
    I wish Chris' face was on everything. Literally everything.
  57. avatar T Entertainment
    Gogs, wasn't there some picture you were supposed to be posting 4 hours ago?
  58. avatar Numbnut Sounds
  59. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Is that from the same 'session', or is it true that Chris only has one jacket and t-shirt combo?
  60. avatar Gogs
    [quote:91d8c2ff45="T Entertainment"]Gogs, wasn't there some picture you were supposed to be posting 4 hours ago?[/quote:91d8c2ff45]

    this one?

  61. avatar smittennn
    this topic is brilliant.
  62. avatar gregz
    was jack osbourn too expensive for the BOI
  63. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    And just last week I was saying that I didn't know what he looked like.
  64. avatar rentaghost
    and now his face is engraved on your retina FOREVER
  65. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [quote:eded6377a3="Winston Churchill"]The Bastard Clone of Chris Evans[/quote:eded6377a3]
  66. avatar all-is-vanity
    Oh dear me....TFI Fastfude.
  67. avatar fastfude
    I haven't laughed so hard *ever*. I think I broke myself.
  68. avatar smittennn
    our chosen one with ange


    potter, potter, POTTER!
  69. avatar JTM

    Bop Yestrum guys - any chance of any ChrisJJ masks?
  70. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Ah, wee Chris... Scundered.
  71. avatar fastfude
    The best part is that this will pop up as the 2007 entry for the "on this day" list for [i:ae5b4f5c63]the rest of eternity[/i:ae5b4f5c63]. Millennia from now, whole civilisations will war over the true answer to the ultimate question of "Did their plan work?".
  72. avatar T Entertainment
    "Bop Yestrum guys - any chance of any ChrisJJ masks?"

    Too mainstream by now, I'm afraid. As of 23.2 posts ago.
  73. avatar rl-vl
    I just saw it on a flash advertisement on Bebo! Ha!
  74. avatar ginpromo
    Looks like Archie the inventor from Balamory!!

  75. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Cleary Michael Caine?

  76. avatar fergus
    :lol: @ this thread
  77. avatar Steven Dedalus
    For anyone who's interested, I've invented a new fun game:

    The Chris JediJane's Face, bank of Ireland Poster Pub Crawl.

    the way the game works is that the players wander round the city centre until they see one of the posters with his face on it and then find the nearest pub and get hammered. Then move on and repeat until one feels nauseous.

    Great fun!
  78. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    What if you feel nauseous before entering the first pub?
  79. avatar gregz
    dont watch the ad before you head out, that might prevent you feeling nauseous!!
  80. avatar yodaISgreen

    Chris the Redeemer
  81. avatar tates modern
    Next time you see Chris make sure to tell him about the time you got unnecessary bank charges/had to wait in the bank queue for an hour/your cheque bounced/you weren't approved for that loan/you can't get a mortgage/you're trying to upgrade your account status/you're looking into buying shares/you went for a graduate job in the bank/you pissed up against the derelict bank on the Lisburn Road.
    Lets see how long he takes to tire of it all.
  82. avatar rudedoodle
    What was the plan though?
    I'm in the library and can't watch the advert to see.

    I was very confused when husband texted me on his way into work yesterday at 7am to tell me he'd seen Chris on a phone box.
    I saw it for myself outside Castlecourt last night.

    Can we call you Zoolander now?
  83. avatar Steven Dedalus
    With a bit of luck, they'll make it into a billboard.
  84. avatar whipchorus
    Mark Curry of Blue Peter fame + At The Drive In = Chris JediJane.
  85. avatar nonlogic liam
    Has Chris even got a student Bank of Ireland account? I know I do and
    instead of appearing in a commercial for them I would prefer to appear in
    their top office and smear excrement all over their directors face!!!
  86. avatar rentaghost

    Can we call you Zoolander now?[/quote:17a09380bf]

    *blue steel*
  87. avatar Niall Harden
    i've got a bank of ireland student account (or, graduate account now i suppose) and it's great. every so often i phone them up and say "another £100 of interest free overdraft?" and they say "sure!"
  88. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    [quote:f4bca8a965="Niall Harden"]i've got a bank of ireland student account (or, graduate account now i suppose) and it's great. every so often i phone them up and say "another £100 of interest free overdraft?" and they say "sure!"[/quote:f4bca8a965]

    They're just lubing you up for a mortgage.
  89. avatar PaulaD
    Tres funny :-D
  90. avatar ShowYourBones
    Sorry to resurrect this thread, however the sign in question has just been wheeled by my office by some sprite on a bike. Bank of Ireland have gone global. Oh, the joys of marketing.
  91. avatar fastfude
    Yes I spotted a man on a bike trailing a big hoarding through Shaftesbury Square with Chris' gub on it. Now [i:c8fec5f10d]that's[/i:c8fec5f10d] the big time ;)
  92. avatar ShowYourBones
    I'm in Derry though, where will it appear next? We should create a map of sightings, in the same vein as Heroes, with string and photos.
  93. avatar JTM
    There's a new one been done,I think he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt in this one. Spotted outside UUJ, any ones in town yet?
  94. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes, several.
  95. avatar smittennn
    "the heat is on" mr. mccorry!
    i have not been able to find a link to the new ads BUT YES
    our chris appears in a hawaiian shirt indeed.
    A mate of mr. mccorry replied that he was unable to attend THE LOCUST as he had to WORK.
    the plan is definitely not working then is it folks? :wink:
  96. avatar thecunnyfunt
    LOVE the new tropical theme chris
  97. avatar Crackity_jones
    The new totally tropical ones are everywhere now.
  98. avatar Orzo
    And the old ones are on urinal walls...

  99. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    lest we forget
  100. avatar rinky
  101. avatar JTM
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ahahahahahaha! I forgot how funny this moogin' thread was.
  102. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Not wishing to labour the point, but I don't believe if we ever found out if their plan would work.


    Release the files...
  103. avatar pure_love
    their plan didn't work, they all ended up smackheads, selling bjs for a fiver.
  104. avatar all-is-vanity
    Shit. I was overcharged.
  105. avatar whipchorus
    [quote:82d7814556="all-is-vanity"]Shit. I was overcharged.[/quote:82d7814556]

  106. avatar jenniemcc
    yes, but who will be the poster boy of this year's campaign?
  107. avatar Rosemary St Books
    So did their plan work or what?
  108. avatar Stevie Mac
    I think this may have been a key event in triggering the entire subprime-mortgage banking crisis.