1. avatar Amz
    For anybody who be's liking the Iron & Wine, he's here as part of the Belfast Festival 26 October. (According to Pitchforkmedia)yeeooo
  2. avatar thesneakybandit
    bugger! i was organising an oxjam gig for that night. i may have to reschedule. :evil:

    iron&wine would be great!
  3. avatar Shanghai 5
    that is great. I've been wanting to see him for a while now, I remember he played a festival here a few years back but I missed it. Good times....now I need to get someone to bring Eels to Belfast.
  4. avatar icedcoffee
    woo count me in!
  5. avatar drakeguild
    Null Entry.
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  6. avatar the*optimist
    I hope to fuck I'm not on tour whilst he's on here! Spiegel tent was class with Iain Archer last year really good amosphere in it! I don't want to miss him there!
  7. avatar Niall Harden
    last time iron & wine played here, manchester united were playing against galatasaray in the champions league.
    we rang the empire to see what time he was on stage, and were told X o'clock, and turned up at X o'clock to find iron & wine on his last song, and left disgusted demanding our money back, and missed alasdair roberts, who i later discovered is miles better than iron & wine. whoops!

    still, his new album is good, and ali roberts' is piss.
  8. avatar the dirty weed
    wha? the new alasdair roberts' album is lethal.

    i went to see Zu last time Iron and Wine played here which was miles better than anything. Eyo!
  9. avatar spirit of division
  10. avatar goodonpaper
    Excellent - loving the new album!
  11. avatar Orzo
    Damn it - I'll be in New Zealand.

    Oh wait...
  12. avatar barrypeak
    i think he's wild over-rated. no idea why he gets the attention he does. the song writing is just very, very poor.
    saw ali roberts in dublin a couple of months ago and it was wonderful.
  13. avatar zebulon
    Over the Rhine are infinitely better.