1. avatar supershedseven
    Would anyone know of anyone who is good to contact with regards T-Shirt printing??

    Its my brothers stag next month and im looking to get approx 10 t-shirts printed with a few names ect on them.

    Price isnt important but i suppose how quick in getting them is?

    any help?

    thanks !
  2. avatar Orzo
    There's a place in the In-Shops in Belfast that do them. It cost me a tenner for a t-shirt with front and full back print. I imagine if you gave them the tees, they would do them for a few quid each.

    I can't remember what the shop is called but if you walk about you'll easily find it. Just hand them a CD with the design and they'll do the rest.
  3. avatar MSB Mastering
    You can try Komodo Image on 02892 638729 Turnaround depends on whether the colours, shapes and sizes are in stock. If so, it's a quick turnaround, if not, it depends on the delivery companies. info@komodoimage.com
  4. avatar LittlrockAx
    There's a place in the Kennedy Centre which I have used a few times if that's close to you. They're happy to do whatever you want. I was doing something similar to yourself and just bought a dozen plain t-shirts in that cheap place in the Westwood Centre and brought them round and told them what I wanted printed.

    I was only getting names and a slogan (no pictures) and I think they worked out about £6 each (incl the T shirt!) :lol:

    Like the one mentioned above if you bring a CD or a memory stick they can do whatever you want

  5. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    jacqui at black confetti also

    do a search for user "confetti"

  6. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    try Warren at tearsmountsorrow.com , the only folks i;ve used so i can't recommend anyone else, but his work is great and reasonable