1. avatar xfirefishx
    I am very much looking forward to this. Anyone know who the support for it is though? I was hoping maybe the Evangelists could have offered the same kind of perverted fu9kuppery that BG have.
  2. avatar nonlogic liam
  3. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Perhaps we could try On/Off's old trick of hanging out by the venue's side doors with our gear begging every flea-bitten roadie that walks by to let us do a 5 minute set.
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    Just heard they're bringing tour support but dunno who is it...
  5. avatar *saz*
    this is gonna be a silly little night - can't wait!
  6. avatar EndOn6
    I have to say I had a crackin nite but was i the only one who literally couldn't hear the guitar for the entire nite ????

    Thank god for beer
  7. avatar foolrock
    Was a good laugh last night.
    The pint throwing was the best.
    In relation to the sound, it was the worst sound I've ever experienced at the Empire. I couldn't hear the guitar at all. All I could her was drums and the bass, particularly the snare. Very little vocals, and the lyrics are so deep too.
  8. avatar Baronation
    Yep, worst guitar sound ever.

    I didn't like the way the Empire bouncers threw out crowd surfers. Anybody else think this was a little heavy handed?
  9. avatar Andrew
    Good gig. Review in tomorrow's News Letter.
  10. avatar foolrock
    Hope you don't glaze over the shit sound!
    Hang the bastard.
  11. avatar Andrew
    The sound was actually OK from where I was in the balcony. A little quiet perhaps but the mix was acceptable!
  12. avatar ChristBaitRising
    I would have enjoyed it but for the bar staff downstairs saying there will be tickets at the door .... and the door staff saying no tickets for sale ... buggery ...
  13. avatar *saz*
    the sound was crap, but the band were good fun! i liked it, had a great time!!