1. avatar Tyrone101rock
    Ok i have a 02 lp i have a jcm2000 into a lead cab...Apart from the emgs what do i need to drive my marshalls wimpyish dist channel into zakks crushing tone.
    I know its a sd 1 ? maybe but how i drive it and is there any other suggestions.
    Im guessing i boost the crunch channel.
  2. avatar Pete
    Those amps really only start pumping out the real tone when the volume is up. Most of them are designed to work at a master volume of 4 to 6 and with the preamp gains setting the amount of saturation.

    Thats why its difficult to get really nice tones at bedroom and small club volume levels.
  3. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    Ive read a few articles on Zakk (being a big fan). He says in all his interviews that he doesnt use any distortion pedals, just a classic JCM800 2203 model...... but if ask me the amp has been modified slightly and if it hasnt then he turns the thing up to the max always to get the power amp section working properly..... my advice for what its worth is to either turn your amp up full, or if this isnt possible.... try using a compression pedal at low volume, this will add the compression u would get if the amp was at high volume (a good crunch being the result), but dont use the pedal when playing at high volume or u will get uncontrollable feedback. A big part of his sound is also using a wah pedal as a tone control (usually in the treble postion) not as an effect, quite like that of Micheal Scheckner... hope this helps
  4. avatar Tyrone101rock

    But it ses it countless rig reviews he has a sd-1 including guitarist..?.
  5. avatar Suki Monster
    My jcm 2000 doesnt kick in until it reaches 7 put the thing at 3 or 4 and it sounds like the worst amp ever made!
  6. avatar Tyrone101rock
    lol 7 i dont think i could hear after that....usualy i would get niceish tone around 3 but i would have to prac in a good hall to ever get over that....cough ' school '
  7. avatar EPK
    Yes..he's supposed to use the pedal, but his Marshalls have been souped up to f**k as well.
  8. avatar Suki Monster
    I have the fifty watt model so 7 is my volume setting when playing live.
  9. avatar richie from metallitia
    My mate Flash in the blizzard of Ozzy tribute uses Gibson les pauls with emg's and two 100watt marshall dsl heads.
    and a boss stereo chorus pedal.

    and his sound is pretty bang on. no dist pedals needed.
  10. avatar Tyrone101rock
    yeah , Emg's really do shape ure tone....to well metal and then i guess he is cranking the sh*t outa his heads so he gets a sweet tone.
    Just wondering if i could get anything going at lower voulmes but ive bought my self a keely modded ds-1 which should be nice enough with a boss eq in the line.
  11. avatar richie from metallitia
    go for a marshall power brake. that's their variation of the variac. it allows you to crank the amp so the valve are really working and and use the brake as the volume control.
    Very handy indeed.

  12. avatar dodgi stereo
    power brake sometimes called a power soak

    thats your answer

    other companies make'em as well as Marshall,
    may have to go mail order though...
  13. avatar Pete
    Actually I think there is a second hand power brake in Bairds at the minute... not sure of make or price but give them a call.
  14. avatar zakk2bwylde
    Use a mesaboogie dual recto mk2 gain about 1 o'clock.
    i use a Jap tokai loverock with the emg 81-85 setup.

    use a boss DD3 for ambiance in solos.
    A jim dunlop rotovibe
    A jim dunlop crybaby wah
    And for the volume boost for solos I use a nobles preamp booster.

    And thats it apart from the talent and aggression to play like a tazmanian devil on speed

    If you want zakk tone my friend
    this is it.
  15. avatar Soup_Nazi
    After 4 years I think he may have gotten it by now...

    .....or maybe not. You might be the Messiah.
  16. avatar gavinearly
    I have the ZW MXR overdrive and allegedly he uses it to drive the distortion to break up and get his signature sound.

    I don't use it for that, and just use it as a standard overdrive as I really liked it when I tried it. It's a pretty good pedal!