1. avatar remaderyan
    Female singer required for newish band of experienced players, in Belfast.

    Guitaring/other instrument ability would be great but not essential.

    We were originally a 3piece (with singer) but have expanded to include a percussionist/second drummer and a lead guitarist. Playing a range of material like soul/rock/funk/anything really.

    please email me at:


  2. avatar remaderyan
    I should add that we're not in pakistan.
  3. avatar cats_mini
    hey, sounds interesting. im 21 female from belfast with own transport. i play guitar too. here's my music http://cat-martin.bebo.com

    pm me if you're interested?
  4. avatar remaderyan
    i'll drop you a pm tonight! when i get the chance.

  5. avatar remaderyan
    check your inbox :D
  6. avatar i_amannie_b
    [quote:a218c5b93d="remaderyan"]I should add that we're not in pakistan.[/quote:a218c5b93d]


    I hafta say, i laughed alot when i read that lol
    Sucks for that woman who is in pakistan
  7. avatar remaderyan
    its just a pain in the ass trying to organise a practice! :lol: