1. avatar EPK
    Anyone had diffs when using Cubase in XP?
    For the second time, I spent three weeks trying to install a new studio PC, running either SX or 3.7 under XP, but had to give up and go back to 98SE, where they run as solid as a rock, and synchronise perfectly to outside devices, instead of constantly falling over.
    The new PC is pretty high spec, using an RME Hammerfall card.
  2. avatar Pete
    We had problems with SX under XP so shifted back to version 5 something... but I recently installed SX 2.01 on my home computer and so far so good...
  3. avatar numbnut31
    Sorry mate - mine is solid as a rock.

    Is it not installing - or is it certain functions? or just glitchy
  4. avatar EPK
    Glitchy as f**k...particularly in syncing to outside signals, taking in mixer data from imported Cubase songs, recording when it fancies etc etc. That was with SX1
    Older versions of Cubase were even worse.
  5. avatar numbnut31
    Sorry mate - dunno where to start.

    Have you been to the Computer Music/ Future Music forum...

    usually really helpful - not arsey like cubase.net

    Try that
  6. avatar EPK
    Ack, I've read most of the stuff in the tech forums, but basically with Cubase and XP it's down to such issues as sacrificing a chicken at the full moon.
    Using a totally dedicated top spec PC for audio with a top notch soundcard should be straightforward, but XP seems to be the equivalent of a fussy auntie.
  7. avatar tinpot anto
    Sure it tells you about the chicken sacrifice on the back of the box.

    And the tithe of gold to be paid every Spring Equinox, left under a hawthorn bush, in a silk bag with a lock of virgins hair.

    ye fool.
  8. avatar Pete
    Have you stripped XP right back? You can cut out all the networking and multimedia stuff. You can also cut back on the graphical interface.

    All that shouldn't matter on a new P4 machine though, should have bags of performance to spare...

    Is it a cracked or bought version of SX Eamonn? Could be a buggy version.

    There's a lot to be said for Apple Mac I reckon!
  9. avatar EPK
    I've cut back on everything, using the overclocking techies hints and there are virtually no processes left running.
    It's a clean install, with only Adobe Acrobat, Audio Catalyst and Winzip on apart from the audio stuff and Cubase.
    The SX1 I have ran beautifully on a P3 500 using Windows 98se, and like a dog on a P4 2gig and a P4 2.7 gig....so XP's obviously the fly in the ointment.
  10. avatar tenrabbits
    Well it isn't your hardware specs.. I would guess it's an issue with the ASIO drivers with the soundcard, interfacing with the software. Although this seems unlikely as the Hammerfall is a bloody excellent card that's well supported. Good choice Eamonn..

    The interesting thing you mentioned for me was the starting recording randomly, and problems with imported songs. As far as I can remember SX doesn't import VST songs perfectly ever time, as some of the effects/modules don't work the same way... what exactly is happening?

    -charlie tenrapid
  11. avatar EPK
    All the settings were screwed...even volume settings.
    I ditched it anyway....back to good old 98SE and an earlier version. I really haven't the time to f**k around with primadonna software.....!