1. avatar Paulw0t
    This may be a widely known thing but I'm still a little lost so I'll give it a whirl.

    When getting power amp / speaker systems matched can I.

    When I say these values I mean RMS values.

    1. Under power the speakers
    i.e. have a 50w amp powering say 100w speaker. If for instance I only turn the thing up half way as to not blow it.

    2. Can I hook up say a 100 watt speaker to a 200 watt power amp and just turn the thing down.
    (I ask this due to seeing a 50w bass amp power 2 x 18" huge cab no probs)

    3. Can I put a power amp with 4ohms output into an
    8 ohm speaker.

    Forgive my ignorance, I do know electronics and and physics so I know in theory its probily not a good idea but Just wondering if its posible and if bad how bad etc.

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  2. avatar Pete
    If you have an underpowered amp then the speaker could try and pull too much out of it and can lead to the amp clipping, distorting and possibly blowing.

    Working the other way round is fine, the extra power in the amplifier means that there is plenty of headroom at the upper limits of the speakers so you get a clearer sound as the amp isn't working flat out... just don't turn the amp up full.

    The impedance thing confuses me from time to time as well... I normally just play it safe and make sure I match the impedances.

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  3. avatar Paulw0t
    Ahh thanks. One more think you'd know...

    I have a bass amp laney R5 300W
    and it has speaker out but doesn't actually list a Wattage out
    its just rated at

    Would it be assumed that the Wattage out is 300 for a cab or would I need to look it up.
  4. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    You can run a 4 ohm output into an 8 ohm speaker or speaker cabinet no problems, it does cause the amp to run a bit "cooler" ie not at full power and the result is a different tone, as its hard to describe tone i wont bother doing so...... suppose it depends on the sound you want
    but it is safe to mismatch

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  5. avatar Paulw0t
    Anyone ever tried running speakers off a Car power amp....
    Just looking over ebay and can get a Car power amp for half the price of a normal one.

    I know they run off 12V but that can be supplied from a battery charger. Just wondering if Anyone's ever tried it ?
  6. avatar tenrabbits
    If you connect a 4 ohm rated amp into an 8 ohm cab you will get half the power.. so you can turn it up as much as you like..

    -charlie tenrapid