1. avatar foolrock
    Does it happen?
    Do you get your guitar serviced as such?
    how often should it be done?

    Ive an epiphone explorer, and its startin to sound a bit muffled
    Does anyone know if their pickups are reknowned for bein dodgy?
    shud i get new ones?
    how much would it be to do up a guitar like that?
    anything else i cud do to ake it sound more beefy/ less rough?

    PS im not a technically minded person

  2. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    If you wanna get new pickups put in, its gonna cost you if you want to get better ones than whats already in it......

    If you play metal/rock i would recommend any of the following for the bridge position... EMG 81, Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon or any Kent Armstrong (make sure its american made, not korean)

    If you wanna more versatile pickup for varying sounds (ie good clean tone as well as distorted), you really cant go far wrong with a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck... maybe check out some proper gibson pickups as well

    Most of the prices would be about £60 - £90 for each pickup, in my opinion the EMG 81 is killer, i just got one put into my ibanez

    If you dont wanna shell out the dough, make sure your electrics are workin ok, spray some contact cleaner around the pickup selector and the input jack

    Hope this helps

  3. avatar tinpot anto
    I'll ask this just in case - but ...

    when was the last time you changed your strings, and what brand did you use?

    Also clean your pickups with a wee drop of Meths or sthg.

    And spray WD40 around your pots, and work it in, clean all the contact points at your switches, and jack sockets with meths/ WD40.

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  4. avatar JonAftermath
    My epi is a good all rounder but epiphone's electronics just arent up to scratch I've found. Cheapass in-jacks, switches and pots cause no end of hassle in later life but the nice folks at bairds replaced my switch for @#%$ all and I'm doing the rest piece by piece. Changed a tuning head as well and the pots are next.

    muffled sound probably is just dirty pickups or an old lead.
  5. avatar Daithi jasper
    In-jack and pots on my epiphone have more or less gone. Not gigging anymore so I've let them go which isn't good. Need to get off my @rse.
  6. avatar foolrock
    listen, thanks very much!!!

    The only thing is, im not too sure what in-jacks and pots are

    And how do i clean them, and how much would you expect to be charged to have it done?
    Could you do it yourself?
    Would you go to anywhere in particular?
    i left it iin to matchets before, but its never been the sam since.

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  7. avatar tinpot anto
    A pot is any knob that you turn such as volume and tone etc.

    Pull the cover off to expose the wee stump and spray WD40 in around the base of the stump.
    Turn it quickly back and forth a dozen or so times.
    This should stop the crackling sound that you may get when adjusting volume etc...

    The in-jack is the place where you put the lead, screw it out and clean all the metal surfaces which would touch the lead with Meths or WD40 on a cotton bud.

    also make sure the Hex-nut around the in jack is tight when you replace it.

    I wouldn't pay anybody to do this - open up you guitar and have a look inside I can guarentee that it's not as complicated as you think.
  8. avatar foolrock
    Done all that
    Still sounds a bit muffled.

    What next?
  9. avatar tinpot anto
    Turn the treble up...?
  10. avatar EPK
    There's an idea. Might be yer amp or even the speakers.