1. avatar Daithi jasper
    For those, like me, who don't really know what they are doing...

    [url="http://www.dnbscene.com/articles.php?mode=display&id=79"]Interesting lo-tech tutorial on EQ and compression...[/url]
  2. avatar Pete
    Its called multiband compression Keir, and its most often used in the mastering phase of the game.
    You apply it to the stereo mix and you can add extra kick to certain frequency ranges and is a big part of what makes modern music sound so big, punchy and tight. In some cases it can rescue slight problems with the mix too.

    Some normal compressors can be side-chained to low and high pass filters to give the option of fine tuning the range. You can really get the bass and bass drum to sink together using this, by getting the compression on the bass to "duck" with the response of the bass drum. So the two then seem to pulse together.

    And I always used to think compressors just stopped you playing too loud!! Edited by: morphsville at: 6/2/04 9:14 am
  3. avatar ChaosInEden
    I saw a compressor somewhere, can't remember, think it was somewhere like gak or DV and the compressor splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands i.e. low/mid/high (you decide/programme the frequency ranges) and the cool thing about it is that normally with copression some of the high end in vocals gets cut away but with this it means you are able to retain them.
    Thought that might interest anybody who uses compression on vocal recording.
  4. avatar EPK
    If there's slight gating on the bass as well, it seems even tighter, providing the setup's right.
    Multibands are interesting pieces of kit, and normally expensive.
    The Behringer Ultramizer Pro does some of this pretty well, and very cheaply. Pity is it has only analogue ins and outs.
    Software wise there are several, the best of which is T-Racks.
  5. avatar Daithi jasper
    Course I post this before I finish reading the entire tutorial, (I do some work you know) and then I realise that the Compression part hasn't been done, so its really just about EQ...
  6. avatar Suki Monster
    T racks is an outstanding piece of software. Im using the rtas plugin version bit greedy on cpu tho. :(
  7. avatar ChaosInEden
    suki you sound like a bit of a bangor tech victim like myself, sucked in by the branding of digidesign and apple.
    BTW, have you been down the tech lately?
    They just got in a new desk, big @#%$ £7 grand protools controller and focusrite outboard stuff including a set of mackie HR824's. meanwhile the guitarists are still playing through fcuking laney bass amps....
  8. avatar Pete
    Just out of interest, what Focusrite outboard did they get??

    We're thinking of buying one of the ISA 428 four channel mic pres but at over £1000 we need to do our homework!!!
  9. avatar Suki Monster
    I have been well sucked i :)
    Aye they got the control 24
    looks like a great bit of kit havent got to use it yet tho. They got 2 focusrite octopre's as well i think.