1. avatar foamboy2
    My first post!
    Can anyone advise the name of Pedal that is making the main melody line in Mogwai's Helicon1. It is widely employed by bands like Godspeed, Explosions in the sky and possibly Tracer AMC use one too. It's big, echoey, and sounds like the string is being played very quickly (perhaps that's what it is!). Could be a tremelo turned up full speed mixed with delay and distortion.??????????????
    I want one.

    Yes, it does appear on Tracer AMC's "Flux and Form" at the 2.30 mark. Edited by: foamboy2 at: 10/2/04 5:40 pm
  2. avatar tracer amc
    My first post!
    In our case at least yes it's simply a string being played quickly, with some *distortion-delay-overdrive* thrown on top..
  3. avatar jackie rambo
    plenty of quick tempo delay and overdrive/distortion does the trick.

    from my experience, the boss digital delay (dd3 or dd5) or line 6 delay modeler both have suitable delays to get the sound you're looking for.
  4. avatar foamboy2
    Okey Dokey, I've got those pedals already, must do some experimenting. Has anybody got a contact number for Stuart Braithwaite?