1. avatar Pete
    Anyone ever used one of these??

    I've been toying with the idea of a compressor pedal for live use for a while now. The musicman is fine, but the outputs from both the precision and upright could do with a bit of smoothing.

    The Blackfinger is valve compression and even has a variable input gain so could be used for mild overdrive so it instantly appeals to me.... but at £160 I want to get some info before hitting the credit card balance!
  2. avatar Suki Monster
    I might be wrong but i reckon the electroharmonix black finger will colour your sound a lot, maybe thats what you want but I have found
    that most electro harmonix gear doesnt do anything cleanly, it always seems to add a certain amount of grittyness to the sound.
  3. avatar Pete
    The reviews i found on harmony central reckon that when in operation it does colour the sound slightly. But then again it has a tube preamp gain stage so I suppose its meant to. Overall they reckon it adds the often alluded to "warmth" to active basses.

    A bit of grit would be nice actually, I'm mainly getting the Black Finger to add a bit of extra sustain and punch to my electric upright bass. Being a compressor it will also hopefully help to even out my dynamics while I'm still learning to play the thing.

    I've tried the MXR dynacomp and the result was a bit harsh to my ears... pity I can't actually get a blackfinger in the country to try before buying.
  4. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    R u sure there is none in the country?.... dont count on this but i thought i saw one in marcus on saturday in the pedal display opposite all the guitars and amps....give em a ring and ask for gordon who will know for sure!!! as i say dont count on this, but it was definitely an EH pedal of some description.

    Also i would recommend maybe a keely compression pedal.... handmade affairs..... anyways hope u get the sound ur after

  5. avatar Pete
    I think I remember seeing that pedal, it was the Hot Tube I think (the overdrive pedal)... but I suppose it can't hurt to give Gordon a call... Marcus is always a last resort. Things are bad enough when I have to call into Matchetts... but now Marcus? *shudder*
  6. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    yes i know that feeling.... when i go into marcus.... its the same feeling as when i went to my granny's when i was younger...... the main vibe being "Dont touch THAT!!!!"
  7. avatar Pete
    Mr Distortionchrist sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman. There was indeed a Blackfinger hiding at the back of Marcus' pedal cabinet... infact, even better, it was a SECOND HAND blackfinger!!

    £60, sorted!!
  8. avatar DistortionChrist5000
    Thats cool that u got what u wanted
    £60 what a bargain!!!
  9. avatar Pete
    It means I have enough money to buy a mini-q-tron now as well!!