1. avatar themichael1
    Can anyone recommend a 'good' Multi-Effects guitar pedal for under £100 pounds. I was looking at the Digitech RP100...anyone any experience of this, good or bad? Thanks.
  2. avatar 13167
    The first multi-effects board I ever got (and I still use it today lol) was the Korg AX1G.
    It cost me around £80 at the time, but that was a good 4 years ago.
    It'd probably be a lot cheaper now.
    I've used footboards that are at similar prices with similar effects, but I've always found my trusty AX1G to kick all their asses with regards to sound and usability.
    But maybe that's just me hehehe
    Check it out, you can go into pretty much any guitar shop and ask them to hook one up for you.
    I heard that when the U2 cover band played in my town (the official U2 cover band, if there is such a thing) and the "Edge" was using the very same board as I have.
    So, it's evidently good live as well as for practising and maybe even recording.
    It has a metronome, but no drums or any of that caper.
    If you want a decent "drummy" sounding beat to play along to, you'd better opt for the other boards, maybe your Digitech RP100, I haven't played with one myself, but Digitech are usually a safe bet when it comes to effects.
    Anyway, as I said, head to Matchetts in Belfast or something and ask them to let you have a whirl on a few of the budget boards.
    I was in there one day for almost an hour playing with a Digitech GNX3, fuckin' class board, but a little out of our price range :P
    But the point is, they'll be happy to let you fart around with a board or two if you ask

    Good luck
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    Yeah, condescending sneer at no extra cost! :)
  4. avatar EPK
    Trouble with these wee Toneworks units is that they're bedroom units.
    They sound great in your bedroom, where you have all the mid sucked out and the top and bottom boosted.
    Take it loud and live, and you're inaudible, with a bassy whoomf at the bottom and a wasp in a jamjar top end.
    Good to start off with, but that's about it.
  5. avatar Pete

    Add the floorboard later?
  6. avatar themichael1
    I've already per chaséd the RP100. It works fine for what I need at the minute until i work up some dosh for something better. Thanks for the advice. Will be back seeking more when I've saved a few quid.