1. avatar Paulw0t
    I've been asked to record our church band for a rough sorta CD thing and was wanting to know what software you would recomend for the recording. Few bits of info..

    Recording onto a laptop with one sound input mini jack.

    Recording from mixer.
    (Any info if to take from Aux or main mix)

    Realy looking to try any of the free software out there, long as it has the ability to chop and change edit out different parts maybe add a few effects but thats not to important.

    Also if anyone has ideas of a cheap way to mic up drum's I'd be intrested to know.

  2. avatar Pete
    What microphones have you got??

    I think you can download a free version of Pro Tools... its very limited but would do for a simple stereo recording.
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    He's right ye know

    Consider hiring out a few decent microphones, such as the Shure SM58 or similar, if you don't have great ones spare.

    There are a few places that do this.

    Baird's, i think...?
  4. avatar EPK
    There's a lot to discuss about with what you're planning to do.
    Email me, and I'll talk to you more about your options.
  5. avatar peavey04wolfgang
    whats the best program for recording on the computer? are they available for downloading, or have you to buy them?
  6. avatar Paulw0t
    Any Sugestions for softwarea that'll run on XP pro probily should have said eariler
  7. avatar EPK
    Best programs are Logic and Cubase.
    You have to buy them, but they're commonly "floating around".
    They should work with XP, but I'd major problems and reverted to Win 98, where they work fine.
    But then I'm lucky enough to have a totally dedicated PC for that.
  8. avatar Daithi jasper
    What about this Sonar thing I'm hearing about. Anyone use it?
  9. avatar EPK
    It's the new Cakewalk.
  10. avatar Daithi jasper
    Thats about all I know as well.
  11. avatar EPK
    Riffmaster Steve uses it.
    That in itself, says a lot.
  12. avatar Daithi jasper
    Are you suggesting by that icon that is the "Satan's Sequencer of choice"?
  13. avatar Tin Pot Ray
    No, he's saying that EPK himself is "Satan's Sequencer of choice".

  14. avatar EPK
    I taught the Prince Of Darkness all he knows.
  15. avatar dodgi stereo
    A band I played in made some recordings using Sonar.
    I wasn't very involved with the recording, but did have a little time to fool around with the mixing.

    It's quite similar to Cubase SX. The GUI is different, but there are lots of similarities - simple effects and EQ, and graph like parameter editing/automation.

    I've been using Cubase for years and I think it's fine. The number of free plug-ins that are available make it into a very inspiring/distracting work place without breaking the bank.
  16. avatar Scarboy
    personally i quite like using adobe audition, even back when it was cool edit pro.

    very simple interface and gets the job done.
  17. avatar mrthebigman
    Hey, if you go to the link below and search for free hosts it should bring up loads of free sequencers and recording software. Also it'll give you links for free plugins and audio editors.


  18. avatar pbluemel
    I used to use cakewalk back in the day, and sonar.
    Been using Cubase for years now though and it really beats everything hands down. Has a lot more availability than pro tools (in that alot more hardware etc works with it) and I think its just easier and more powerful.
    Neal Calderwood and Paddy trolan use it too so Im good with that.

    Im pretty tired so not sure if that post made sense but hope it helped!

    Paul Blue
  19. avatar stevie j
    First, download reaper, its free and easier to use than cubase (which is simple) and works just as well.

    Drum mics- for what you're doing, all you'll need is kick, snare and 1 overhead

    Take an aux feed and monitor it through closed back headphones because FOH and recorded sound will be alot different, esp inside. Of course if you can multitrack, go for it.

    A cheaper and easier solution would be to have me do it

    I mix FOH and route everything unedited to a multitrack then mix it afterwards.
  20. avatar Pete
    Guys, this thread was started in 2004 so the guy is probably sorted long ago!
  21. avatar stevie j
    ha ha lovely.

    Didn't notice that :oops: