1. avatar CtrlAltDeceit
    alright, simple question, more than likely a simple answer, but alas i myself am also simple thus help is needed, i just bought some wee speakers and a subwoofer to help with the bad speakers on my laptop, however plugged in they constantly whirr, the speakers just bzzzzzzing the whole time, is there something i need to mute or some such thing, it's not so much a problem when the volumes cranked, but late at night or playing mellow songs it gets really irritating, help please
  2. avatar RosettaBelfast
    You have a power supply too close to the speakers.

    This could be anything from the monitor to the computer or even the speakers own supply.

    Try moving the speakers as far away as possible from everything.

    Bit of luck its just a bit of EMC being coupled in the speaker cables. Then again I have just read its a lap top. Remove the mains plug of the lappie and run on the batteries, still humming? If not you need a Ground Loop Isolator. Read my posts on Laptop for musicians.

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  3. avatar Pete
    It could be as simple as the level you have your laptop output volume level set at. Are you taking your output from the earphone socket? If so then keep the earphone volume up near its maximum and keep the volume of the speakers at the lower end.... also go into the audio mixer in the control panel and make sure the wave volume is up near the max as well.

    I had this problem with my creative speakers (2 satellites and a sub), I was hearing the electrostatic hum of the optical mouse when moving it across the screen it was that bad... when I looked at the audio mixer the wave and master volumes were really low so I put them up and turned down the speakers and all was noise free.