1. avatar abze
    This is the problem...
    I'm helping someone record with Cubase SX and Reason on a good pc, with either an extigy or audigy soundcard(I can't remember which.)
    There are two songs on the go at the minute containing a mix of live guitar and midi thru reason.
    All the settings seem to be in order and it plays back just fine.
    The problem is, when it's mixed down to either MP3 or WAV, one of the guitar tracks is lost.
    It has happened in both songs.
    Now in the first song, cutting the track and pasting it on a different one seemed to solve it, but no such luck with the second song and all the settings seem to be the same.
    The only effect used was on the missing track and it was a VSTdynamic boost.

    Somebody please help before I lose the bap completely.
  2. avatar Pete
    If it was an extigy it would be an external black box, and audigy is an internal PCI card...

    Does removing the effect solve the problem?? If so, could it something to do with an FX return level or something??
  3. avatar abze
    Aye it's an audigy then.

    Removing the effects didn't make a difference, but for some reason the next day it worked all by itself. Iunno.*shrugs*

    Cheers anyway, like
  4. avatar Daithi jasper
    I get strange results all the time with Cubase, though I put it down to a crap computer. Sometimes when I hit record and get somebody to play 4 minutes worth of guitar, sometimes, just sometimes, when you hit stop, it hasn't recorded a bloody thing... fun...
  5. avatar EPK
    Yeah..I get that too.
    Normally it's after you've done a take and abandoned it, so now I clear the previous take out of the audio pool.
    Normally sorts it.
  6. avatar numbnut31
    I'm not suggesting anybody would do this :p

    By any chance is it a cracked copy - the bugs you'll get with a crack are highly unpredictable.

    Have you checked in the Pool - is that guitar/audio part in the pool??
  7. avatar abze
    See at the time I looked in the pool and in the drives and everything was everywhere.
    Once the track had been sent over to BBC HQ we just deleted everything outta the pool. and ripped the gerry fitt outta the harddrive to make sure nothing was left.

    everything is ok nigh, in the first track we ripped outta the pool(loosely) and pasted, but the second track gave no such luck. It still wouldn'r *recognise* the recordings. Hence the last minute(and I really mean last *minutes*) rerecording and my shitty onetouch mastering to meet the deadline.

    And the reason and refill packages ain't no crack. They're the full registered, full monty @#%$