1. avatar mintcf
    Where is there up North that sells recording gear... mixers, outboard, mics etc.? Second-hand stuff too, if possible.

  2. avatar Pete
    Baird Sound Systems, Belfast on the York Road (opposite the train station)


    Also Marcus, on the second floor if I remember correctly.

    Though to be honest, you're probably better checking out :

    [url="http://www.dv247.com"]Digital Village[/url]


    [url="http://www.gak.co.uk"]Guitar Amp and Keyboard Center[/url]

    and also

    [url="http://www.netzmarkt.de/thomann/thoiw2_index.html"]Thomann Cyberstore[/url]
  3. avatar numbnut31
    I got my MAudio Ozone Midi controller/soundcard from www.dolphinmusic.co.uk

    good prices and excellent service