1. avatar mikey fusz
    I have a Laney TF400 which I like but I wanna buy a new amp and this one seems kinda cool.
    It has built in effects and what not.
    Anyone know what this is like?

    [url="http://www.line6.com/spiderII/about.asp"]Here's it here[/url] (it's the 210 model)
  2. avatar iamshameless
    the TFs are very good amps i would hang onto that...
    ...but the spider 2's are meant to be good, mattchetts have the flextones (the Mk3s) reduced at the moment check out one of those
  3. avatar EPK
    I use the Flextone 2, and have done for about 3 years.
    It is simply the dog's bollix for live and recording.
  4. avatar mikey fusz
    I have actually decided against buyin this cos I am happy enough with the TF.

    Thanks for your comments.
  5. avatar EPK
    F**k off then, you time wasting bellix.