1. avatar Javashrine
    DOes anyone know if any of the Belfast music stores have the Behringer DI100 Ultra DI, and at what price.
    Is pretty cheap on the web, but shipping costs would almost double that cheap price.

    Or does anyone know of a similar type DI box for a cheaper price.
    They are usually around the 25 quid mark.
  2. avatar EPK
    Bairds will almost certainly have it.
    Give 'em a call.
  3. avatar Pete
    They were £29 in Bairds last time I bought one. Which was about a month ago.

  4. avatar Javashrine
    mmm, £29 is a little over what I thought.
    Like I said, I've seen them on the web for as little as $20, but again, shipping costs.
    What about Marcus or Machetts?
  5. avatar Pete
    If it came to a matter of a £5, I'd rather pay the extra and support a local shop than one of the bigger online retailers... obviously if we start talking £50 its a different matter.

    The only people in belfast to have Behringer gear are, to my knowledge, Bairds as they are a registerd dealer... but I haven't been in Matchetts in ages so I can't confirm that.
  6. avatar feline1
    Are Behringer DI boxes any good, though?

    I was thinking of getting one of their rack-mount quadruple active ones ...... but it's suspicious cheap!!

    I have a lot of passive "Studio Reference" ones from studiospares.co.uk
    which sound great, but the bloody jack input sockets keep breaking off!! it's happened to about 4 of mine now. Ahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine :-O
  7. avatar EPK
    Yes, Behringer stuff always seems suspiciously cheap. but it's good stuff.
  8. avatar no coffee no workee
    They're good.
    They're a cheaper copy of the BSS one with the costs being saved on build quality and transformer.

    If you're using it for your acoustic guitar Donal, I'd recommend a passive DI (no power needed).
    I've been using them for Little Hooks and other acoustic acts and they seem to be smoother sounding.

    Behringer also do a DI box esp for acoustic guitars with some sort of acoustic modelling built in.
    Never tried them, but I'd imagine it just damps the top end frequencies like a speaker would.

    You lot gonna be playing about soon?

  9. avatar feline1
    Hmmm, but surely build quality (ie durability whilst gigging) and the transformer are the only features a DI box possesses!?
    They don't actually do anything else! :-/
  10. avatar no coffee no workee
    You gets what you pays for!
  11. avatar Javashrine
    Eh, yeah Mik, were in Bound For Boston this Sat, 13th.
    And It's Ciarán.
    Donal already has the DI Ultra 100, but he got it for next to nothing in the states, thats why I'm bitching about the price over here. :-(