1. avatar vjhorne
    Yea i no this is a forum 4 musical equipment but iv noticed ther r quite a few photographers on this site so I thought id just ask a few questions.
    I'm thinking bout gettin a digital SLR camera & iv bin looking at a CanonEOS300D on ebay however I think buying off the net mite b a bad idea (cos Ill probably get ripped off & the camera will come without flashcard/battery/lens/etc) considering i havent a clue about SLR cameras (yet!) has ne1 ne tips 4 buying 1?
  2. avatar Pete
    Buy from one of the major online retailers and you'll have no probs about getting ripped off. In fact you'll save a minimum of 10%

    I can't give any help on the camera advice though, I've been pestering a few of the photographers for advice myself!!