1. avatar die the flu
    Is there a pedal about which allows a fading in and out from clean to distorted/overdriven rather than an instant jump?

  2. avatar EPK
    You're talking about morphing from a clean sound to a distorted sound.
    Not that I know of. The new Digitech pedals morph [i]between[/i] different types of distortion, but that's all, not between clean and distorted.
    Keep the distortion on all the time, keep it down at the lowest it'll go, and buy a slave to turn it up when you need it.
  3. avatar dazcraig
    The Boss GT-3 has a built in effect that can fade from clean to distorted, although I guess it's not just a pedal. Edited by: dazcraig at: 23/11/03 11:37 pm
  4. avatar Le Sac Magique
    i have dreamed of such a pedal. surely it could be done, just have an expression pedal type thing controlling the gain on your distortion pedal. but why isn't it? someday...
  5. avatar Pete
    that would be the same things as imcreasing the gain on an amp thats about to saturate.... with a good guitar and amp its possible to vary overdrive with your picking action.

    Would it be possible to have a tube preamp type pedal (for example the mesa boogie v-twin) set with the gain at the "just about saturation" point and then put a volume pedal infront of it so that increasing volume pushes you past it and decreasing comes back to clean??

    Though this effect would be subtle, I'm not sure how you'd do it for more extreme cases... would a Line 6 POD or Flextone linked to a midi pedal to control gain be a way to do it?

    But again, hardly a simple stomp box solution
  6. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    I think a distortion/fade pedal was released by morley in the 90's, not sure though.

    The best way to get the effect you are after is to have a volume pedal before the distortion (and put a screw in the back of the volume pedal so it won't go all the way.)
  7. avatar dodgi stereo
    The Boss company made a rare and collectible distortion pedal with expression back at the end of the 70's start of the 80's.

    They are huge silver things with a orange knob panel at the top, like a buck Rogers version of their modern wah's

    Another way to achieve a clean/ dirt blend effect is to use one of their stereo volume / pan pedals to fade between two signal chains one clean the other dirty, this can be done using either a signal splitter before the pan, or by using two amps, this I believe is the method used by Pearl Jam guitarist "Weasel Features"....
  8. avatar theafterglowonline
    I used to be able to do this when i used the Boss ME 33. It required a lot of setting up with with the fader. Countless parameters and all that nonsense also had to be changed. As far as i knew there was also no way to turn it off at the stomb of a button. It required setting up a whole new bank of patches etc etc And the end result was still rather shíte. Hence why i wouldn't touch a multi fx unit these days
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  9. avatar headlow
    You could just control the volume from the guitar. I get a really sweet clean sound by using this method with an ibanez tubesreamer into my fender amp. Then when you need more distortion just turn the volume on the guitar up accordingly.