1. avatar Javashrine
    I'm looking to buy a new bass valve head and the Ampegs and Mesa Boogies (booth of which I have played through and have fallen in love with) are out of my price range.

    I've seen some Hartke ones, but have never heard of them before so I would be a bit wary of buying it.

    Any advice on where and what sort of valve head to buy would be much appreciated.
  2. avatar Pete
    If they are out of your price range, go second hand.

    Hartke make great amps, I used to have a kickback combo which was fantastic (I sold it for holiday money, one of the biggest mistakes of my life!!), but they are solid state, I don't know what their valve gear is like.

    Orange bass heads are surprisingly good. The older amps weren't great but the current models really are turning heads.

    Asides from that... why go valve? I know it makes a big difference for our 6 string brethren, but solid state bass amps are really just as good as the valve ones... unless you are specifically wanting a sort of slightly overdriven/grind type sound. Then it circles back to Ampeg and Boogie.

    I'll leave out my usual sermon about the greatness of Ashdown
  3. avatar Javashrine
    When buying my new bass I was playing it through both solid state and valve and the warmth that came from the valve was just so beautiful that I couldn't possibly not want one.

    Sliding up a fretless with a valve... mmm, makes the spine tingle...
  4. avatar Pete
    what were the two amps you compared though? and what speaker cabs?

    And what bass are you using?

    (sorry for being nosy, just might be able to give better advice if I knew the above)
  5. avatar Javashrine
    I play a Fretless Warwick Corvette, and I'm going to build my own cab with one fifteen inch cone and two eight inch cones, plus I might port the cab, if I can get the design right.
    Will be difficult, but I might give it a go.
  6. avatar Pete
    Nice bass. It would benefit from a valve amp actually.

    Good luck on building your own cab. Porting will be tricky but definitely worthwhile. You should be able to get plans on the internet easily enough...
  7. avatar Javashrine
    AYe, Donal, our guitarist, is the electronic engineer.
    He's the one with the know how, so I'll leave most of the work in his capable hands!!

    I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

    Still no ideas on a cheap valve head?
  8. avatar Pete
    No, sorry. I don't think they exist...

    I have heard tale of someone about to off load a load of old 60s and 70s bass heads cheap, some of which will undoubtably be valve so I'll keep you in mind if I get more details.