1. avatar j0ed
    I know I should really know this already, but does anyone know what the presence and bright controls on a bass amp do? And should there be much of a difference between the high and low gain inputs? Ta.
  2. avatar Captain Anomie
    I think its for between songs, when your trying to tell the bass player something but he's a bit dim.

    No, I dont know.

    I bet Morph knows but he's waitin for 4 wrong answers first...
  3. avatar moorso
    Now I might be wron about this...if I am I'm sure someone will let me know.

    As far as I know I think the presence setting is a bit like the reverb setting on many geetar amps (except it doesn't do quite the same thing as reverb)...but kind of similar.

    In my Ashdown there is a [i]In/Out Bright[/i] setting and I'm not 100% about what it does...I though it just seemed to bring clarity to the tone and make the mid and high ranges a similar volume to the fatter bassier notes. It also enables the sub-harmonics etc.
  4. avatar moorso
    Jesus my spelling is awful...sorry
  5. avatar j0ed
    Nice one, cheers mate. Now, what the fcuk's a sub harmonic?!!
  6. avatar EPK
    Presence is kind of similar to reverb....Mother Of God.
    In the same way a brick's a bit like a sausage.
  7. avatar Pete
    Adding presence will boost the treble frequencies above the normal range of the Treble tone pot on the amp. It won't appear to affect the actual tone that much, but will tend to add "life" or "sparkle" to the sound. The "bright" punch in on the smaller ashdown amps will be a preset presence contour rather than a sweepable shelf EQ.

    I hate precense controls myself, if you need it, then change your strings!!

    The sub-harmoniser adds a tone an octave beneath the note that you are playing (otherwise known as an octaver). Kind of like having two bass players playing an octave apart. Can produce some really nice effects in some situations... and if used in sparing amounts can be used to help "fatten" up the sound of a weaker instrument.
  8. avatar moorso
    What did I tell you.....i stand corrected!!!!
    I played about with all the controls and got a sound that I liked....playing about with it (no sniggering!) until you come across (stop it!) a sound you like is the best bet!
  9. avatar j0ed
    Sorted, cheers for the help lads! Just have to figure out how to play the fecker now, then we'll be laughin'!
  10. avatar Captain Anomie
    ok..so he waited till the third...