1. avatar tinpot anto
    I was thinking about getting down with some serious Analogue tape action recording.
    Somebody mentioned that a tascam 1/2 inch Reel-to-reel is a good investment in this way.

    Will this product bring me joyful good fortune, or is it cursed by the hundred thousand Maras.

    And how much should I want to pay for it?
  2. avatar EPK
    A half inch will be very expensive.
    The quarter inch, used for eight track , you should pick up for around £300-350, but it's likely to be old.
    Replacement parts are expensive, and you may well need new heads, which will be nearly as expensive as the price you'll pay.
    They're OK to use, but after using digital for the past five years I don't regret moving from analogue tape. Having a tape break in the middle of a song isn't something I miss, nor is tape bleed over tracks.
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    well I'll come clean then - actually my uncles selling one of these, with some reels, and he asked me to go fishing for a good asking price.

    (since he's lived in Canada for 30 years, and hasn't a baldy notion - and either do I)

    I think he would accept reasonable offers for it - as it's in really good nick and all, and he has some spare reels and parts and stuff.
  4. avatar Pete
    Check the classifieds in Music Mart and other such magazines (sound on sound etc), you should probably see other people selling such things and gauge a price from there... also check EBay.