1. avatar ChaosInEden
    saw this wee synth for sale on sonistate.com.
    Though some of the synth heads on here might be interested by it.

    [url="http://www.sonicstate.com/class/class_single.cfm?adid=61869&age=14&"]Korg Micro Preset[/url]

    and for anybody who happens to have a spare grand on them...

    [url="http://www.sonicstate.com/class/class_single.cfm?adid=62042&age=14&"]RSF Kobol Keyboard[/url]
  2. avatar dodgi stereo
    try to find out what power supply it works on,

    I have a friend who bought one, it will only work properly on USA power sources, the converter he used made most of the sounds fail...
  3. avatar dugarry
    can anyone suggest a gd stage piano to get, reasonably light so as not to put out any backs?
  4. avatar ChaosInEden
    EPk and Morph will be along soon.
    Watch this space....
  5. avatar feline1
    The Korg Micropreset is a bit of a joke anyways!

    Paul Humphrey's out of Orchestral Manoeuvres got one for £50 from his mum's catalogue, and it can be heard on their early hits such as "Electricity", "Messages" and "Enola Gaylord"

    I'd go to [url]http://www.vemia.co.uk[/url] over the next two weeks if I were y'all...
  6. avatar dugarry
    lots of vintage gear there, looks good.

    could someone give me advice on keyboard amps and stuff. Is it essential to have one for a gig. It's just that in the few places i've played it seems to go thru the P.A, and using a speaker for a monitor. Is this the way it's done in most places.

    Also any advice on stage piano's would be good. Cheers :p
  7. avatar Pete
    Good stage pianos tend to be :

    a) Very expensive
    b) Very big

    So we just use the piano samples in Reason 2 (we have a computer in our keyboard rack), not great but we don't use piano that often, its mainly Rhodes.

    For bigger gigs we use a Yamaha RA100 leslie speaker cab (cheaper than the real thing and also more roadworthy), the hammond and all of our keyboards go through a Behringer mixer (with reverb and delay effects in the auxillary send/return loops) and then into the amp... that way the sound guy only has one instrument to worry about and Andy does his own submixing on stage.

    For smaller gigs (and for when our leslie blows up) we DI the output of the behringer mixer (stereo) to the main PA, using Line 6 leslie modelling to get the rotary sounds for the Hammond. We then rely on the monitor mix to hear the keyboards... not ideal, but its normally fine.
  8. avatar EPK
    Being a keyboard player from the guitar school of thought, I bare my buttocks to the idea of depending on a PA feed for keyboards.
    I go for big unliftable keyboard amps, such as the Peavey KB 300 keyboard combo which I used live.
    3 channels,
    a 15 inch speaker and two horns...effectively forming half a small PA.... and humongous volume made it ideal to both monitor your sound onstage and blow away the first five rows of the audience when I used a horn sound.
    Still gettable second hand for £200 or so quid, they're great for anything.
    The new Korg SP200 stage piano's supposed to be good, at under £500 (88 hammer action keys), but the Rolands are hard to beat, but pricey.
  9. avatar dugarry
    thanks for the advice
  10. avatar ChaosInEden
    phil forrest looks like he hasn't updated that site in ages, well the bargains page anyhow....