1. avatar MenAmongstKings
    was gonna buy a new laney R4 bass amp and was wondering if anyone knows what they are like as i'm gettin it for a 369 quid

    specs:- 300 watt RMS, 15" celestion speaker, 7 band eq


    or i was considering a peavy BAM210

    specs:- 350 watts RMS, 2 x 10" cast frame woofers, Chorus/flange with crossover (variable high pass filter)
    Octave divider,
    Auto-wah (AKA-Funk wah),
    Bass, mid-range, and high tone controls with mid shift
    Tone controls - passive and active type EQs


    please tell me what u think
  2. avatar Pete
    I'd go with the Peavey.

    First up, I've never rated the sound of Laney amps and I've gotten some pretty useful stuff out of Peavey amps in the past. Secondly I reckon that 2x10" is the better speaker combination than a 15" + horn, will give better definition.

    It'll run at 500w with an extension cab.

    Plus the Peavey is an angled cab, useful for onstage purposes. Wheels are always good!!

    Not sure how good the effects will be, but you can always just bypass them if they are cack.

    And finally, the Peavey amp looks cooler
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  3. avatar Pete
    Should add that the Peavey will probably cost about double the price of the Laney though... which will start bringing it into Ashdown ABM territory...

    Not that I'm an Ashdown fan or anything
  4. avatar MenAmongstKings
    would it cost double the laney?..... poo

    i did a search in GAK cause i've only got about 400 notes to me name.... and its all i'll have
    .... but anyway when i did the search the peavy amp came up so i guessed it would be around that price..... but i'm gonna phone em tomorrow..... so IF the peavy amp is around 400 sheets should i get it?

    cheers for the advice by the way
  5. avatar CtrlAltDeceit
    trust in morph, he is the bearer of all knowledge bass, stick with him and his wise words and you'll be set, i'm already grateful to his advice
  6. avatar Pete
    The reason it came up on your search was that they have it listed as "phone for price" which means that it register as £0 in a search. But I vaguely remember seeing that amp for about £900 before....

    Check other retailers for the same amp and compare their prices

    If they do happen to say "yeah, we're going crazy and selling for £400" then buy it there and then before they run out of stock!!
  7. avatar MenAmongstKings
    well they weren't going crazy!

    900 for the peavey amp....... ahh well... got the laney,
    its doing the job i want it to do so i'm happy

    cheers for the info morph