1. avatar glzebub
    what are people opinions on mixing different types of speakers in a cab? can this work, i've heard that with different sensitivities in won't but if you match that it will, wtf?
  2. avatar rahamilton
    Speaker mixing is far from a new idea. After all your home Hi Fi probably has at least two different speakers to respond to the wide range of frequencies to be reproduced. I have an early solid state Hohner guitar combo amp in my "collection", which has two twelve inch 80 watt Goodmans speakers. One has a large cap over the voice coil, one has a coaxial horn instead. I assume Mr Hohner had a good reason... But the point is, there is a lot to go wrong with any random choice of speakers. Yes match impedance, and sensitivity by all means, but your chances of suddenly coming up with a killer tone are minimal - an improved (to your ears anyway) tone is possible. but mismatches must be more likely. No doubt Marshall, Fender etc. use a lot of fancy gear and spend a lot of time and money getting these things to suit most people, So If you have money to spare - go for it, just don't expect miracles.
  3. avatar glzebub
    yes, i see what you're saying, i should have been more specific,

    i have an ancient marshall 4X12 with only two speakers in it (celestion G1H's), i was just wondering if i wanted to put another two speakers into the cab, would i be wise sticking to the same speaker or can i use different ones and still get good results?
  4. avatar rahamilton
    Seems I got the wrong end of the stick - sorry, but I think what I said still holds true. If you can get the Celestions for a reasonable price, it would make sense to match them and save a lot of potential problems.
  5. avatar dodgi stereo
    I have found that caring little for the science of speakers can be costly on the wallet.

    However, finding a sound you want has no science other than using your own taste.

    Matching speakers make sense, but disregarding the rules and putting in one that is pretty looking may be what you want to hear...