1. avatar Mistakendrums
    okay heres a spec for the kit

    Right, its a beginner Manhattan kit (black)

    12, 13, 19 and 22 drums 14x5.5 metal snare
    new remo pinstripes batter heads are fitted on all drums
    snare has new evans resonance head
    Set of O-Rings to go with the set
    snare is covered in stickers (adds a nice touch)
    and a few stickers are place around the kit on toms etc.
    THIS IS A BEGINNER KIT!! Good condition and well maintained! :D

    14" Manhattan Hi- Hats (or 14" ZYN (upgraded) Cymbals
    20" Manhattan Ride
    14" Zildjan ZBT Crash

    BRAND NEW pearl bass pedal, one CB cymbal stand, 2 manhattan hi-hat and cymbal stands, snare stand. and i think thats pretty much the lot!!

    desperate to et it sold so i can go buy my new ELX!! please e-mail me if ne1 is interested and we can negociate a price!!