1. avatar Wasp Boy
    Anybody know if there's a good retailer in Belfast for 5-string banjos? Or anywhere else for that matter...

    Bluegrass is the new post-hardcore.
  2. avatar Daithi jasper
    I would have thought Mattchets acoustic shop. Just a guess though. I'm more of a mandolin kinda of guy myself.
  3. avatar dodgi stereo
    you may want to do a wee web search for indie luthiers, there are a few in Norn Iron, but being webbed up is not usually associated with banjo's...

    Reynolds, Omagh?

    I've looked through the City of Belfast School of Music catalogues and there are no retail specialists listed.

    There is a lot of banjo talk in my life right now.

    There are lots of vintage banjo rags available on line if you want to just get them and use 'em with a sampler, even wax cylinder versions for authentic dust bowl traveller sound quality.

    samplers; never break a string.
  4. avatar The Warzone Collective
    mac writing for mac, not the Warzone collective:

    No, there doesn't seem to be anywhere good in Belfast. There is a banjo maker in Omagh, I believe.

    My three 5 strings banjos have come from St Georges market & Ross's Auction house.

    Tughan Crane have 2 relatively cheap Asian made banjos in stock at the moment - Ozarks - one open back, one with a resonator, which don't look too bad. Tughan Crane also appear to be the only place that do metal fingerpicks...

    This appears to be the place to go for banjos in the UK:

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  5. avatar Gripper Magee
    Aye, Give Mike Reynolds in Omagh a ring. He can usually come up with the goods.Tell him you were recommended by Stephen Magee !
  6. avatar die the flu
    There used to be a couple in Smithfield.
  7. avatar foolrock
    I nearly got one off Ebay, try them!
  8. avatar Wasp Boy