1. avatar foolrock
    Does anyone know anything about these so called Volume Pedals or Signal Boost pedals?

    I am looking for a pedal that will raise my volume slightly at the flick of a switch when i need a solo and then can be turned off when it is over.

    Every time i have enquired in one of belfast's many extremely helpful music stores they have told me that they have never heard of them, but it is quite clear that they exit.

    WHat is the craic with them?
  2. avatar Pete
    They exist, we use them. To be more precise, its a treble booster we use, BSM HS Custom. It makes the signal brighter and has a volume control to give the boost. Alot of big names use them (well, its older cousins), from Ritchie Blackmore to Eric Clapton to Dave Gilmour.

    We mainly use it for boosting the slide guitar when it needs to cut through for a lick or solo. Also used to really bring out harmonics in some songs.

    [url="http://www.stevesmusiccenter.com/BSM.html"]More info here[/url], although those prices are a bit inflated. We got them for about £80 each I think.

    Baird's should be able to source one for you, or suggest an alternative.
  3. avatar feline1
    I have a lovely spring loaded Yamahine volume pedal for my Yamahine CS-30, you can just give it that little bit "extra" when ewe need it, ewe know...?
  4. avatar antojasper
    They can also be succesfully applied to give that fake violin type effect..
  5. avatar Pete
    I think he's after a single on/off volume preset rather than a sweep pedal.... but sweep pedals are useful. The violin effect you mentioned is especially effective when the pedal is combined with an ebow (and also a slide on occasion).. See the start of our "Beautiful Lies" and also "Make Me Mine"
  6. avatar foolrock
    yep, ive always had the trouble that if im load enuff 2 hear my trebly solos, then i drown out the other guitar, but if im hte same level as the other guitar, then my solos dont come through enough.

    i saw a band using one the other day and now realise that they exist, even though ive had numerous trips to music shops thrpughput the city, none of them able (bothered) to help me.

    Havent tried Baird's yet tho. must check them out.

    Thanks very much
    Rock On!!!
  7. avatar EPK
    Way back in time you used to be able to buy wee boxes that did treble boost and power boost...cheap they were, great they were, and the bollixes stopped making them.
  8. avatar Monkee23
    This might do the job

  9. avatar EPK
    Ideal, but a bit expensive.
  10. avatar Pete
    Eamonn, BMS are still making what you speak of, look at the lin above!
  11. avatar antojasper
    've siad this before but the cheapest and easiest way to make you guitar sound cleaner and clearer and project more in live performance is to get a heavier gauge of string.

    Anything smaller than a 0.010 will be completely swamped during a live show.

    Try upping your strings to a 0.011 or similar and then trying it.

    solution for 5 pound vs. solution costing 50 pounds or more! ;)
  12. avatar EPK
    Well, I've been using very light gauges..9,10,14,24,24,44... for about 20 years and I've no problems, but then I get the pickups raised until they almost touch the strings.
    I've moved up to 10s with my Les Paul, but the neck and body length means they bend about the same.
  13. avatar iamshameless
    you could get an overdirve pedal like a tubescreamer ar boss sd-1 and use it as a boost this is what i do and it works
  14. avatar EPK
    Yes, but he wants a clean boost.
  15. avatar antojasper
    Made a big difference to my Strat though.

    Just something to bear in mind.

    I always used 9's when I was in Jasper and the sound would just die off at louder volumes.

    Just going up to 10's really boopsted the clarity of the signal all the way through the range, and the tone improved too.
  16. avatar EPK
    Oh, I know that. The Tele I use in the studio purely for rhythm is strung with 12s.
    However, sound dying off isn't a problem I have.
  17. avatar foolrock
    no, no
    uve no trouble keeping the volume, but sometimes i just need that wee bit more than the other guitar, but its just a quick turn up/ down id like, at the touch of a switch.

    cant find evenn any wee cheapo ones that'll turn me up/ down. I thought that itd b quite a standard problem, but no one has these pedals, and few have heard of them i think

    Thanks for your helps by the way...
  18. avatar Firebobbie Mark
    maybe an EQ pedal would be suitable for this.
    You could set it to boost the mids for a solo or something and you can also set an overall level boost.
    A boss ge-7 would do this well.
  19. avatar iamshameless
    but if you set the drive at zero on the pedal then this will be a clean boost
  20. avatar Pete
    no it doesn't, the circuitry still affects the tone, giving it a bit of drive..

    If you don't want one of the treble/volume boosters that I pointed out above, then the Boss ge7 would do the job. I've used the bass version for exactly the same thing before, a little boost before going into a solo or lick.

    What? Bass players are allowed solos everynow and again!!

    I also used it to equal out the volumes between my musicman (loud beastie) and my fender (not so loud) when I change between them live.
  21. avatar EPK
    Bass solos are currently banned under European legislation as an interim measure, following the elevation of the status of drum solos to crimes against humanity.
  22. avatar antojasper
    You could always try my old trick of soundchecking with the guitar volume at 8 or 9 and then turning it up to 10, for the solo.

    simple, but effective.

    Bass solos are great

    [b](see tonight the Front Page - Tin Pot Operation)[/b]

    [i]Shameless marketing!!![/i]
  23. avatar dodgi stereo
    DOD make a wee BI-FET pre-amp for clean boost and it's quite cheap, second hand, maybe £30...

    also there are a bunch of active boost volume pedals on the market by jim dunlop and boss, but these are rather expensive, but ever so much more durable with a better re-sale value.