1. avatar Some Clever User Name
    I've got Reason 2.0 and I want to get a software sequencer like Cubase. The two can work together with Rewire, but I've heard that there are problems with Cubase SX.

    What's the best package to use in conjunction with Reason?
  2. avatar Iso9
    problems with cubase sx or problems with a cracked copy of cubase sx? cubase sx 2 is on its way. i suggest u give it a go.
  3. avatar abze
    There were problems with Cubase 5, reason 2 and XP in general, but there was a fix provided.
    Cubase SX works fine with Reason 2 and the rewire 2 system on the winxp machine I use.
    One thing is, if you ever apply the "fix" for vst5.0 and then try to load Cubase SX, you'll have to re-install reason. As I found out the hard way.
  4. avatar EPK
    I f**king hated all Cubase 5 versions, which did bizarre things for me, so I stayed with 3.7, which was incredibly stable, till SX came out. It seems to be fine so far.
  5. avatar Pete
    We had very weird pitching problems when combining Cusbase 5.3 with Reason through ReWire... but an install of SX and a fresh install of Reason fixed it right up.
  6. avatar abze
    Mr Morph can you recommend any additional sound banks? I've heard of the DrumsOnDemand and Orkester jobbies, but have yet to hear samples.