1. avatar Skapocalyptic
    okay i didn't really know where to post this but i'm REALLY tripped out by this right now, over the past week or so, having reformatted the pc, nearly all media has a strange chipmunkesque pitch to it, i've tried to alter this, in many ways, i've been all through the comp but can't find a pitch adjustment anywhere, i thought, maybe it was a bad mp3, the headphones were knackered but no, speakers are fine, headphones are fine in other places, i put in a few cds, what was once a low rumbling voice has a tendancy to now become a pre-pubescent squeak, anyone got any idea whats going on, it's beginning to drive me insane, even downloaded files and games and such are now sounding like my soundcard has been taken over by @#%$ orville

    is this a soundcard problem or am i missing something REALLY obvious (yes i know this is likely, don't be surprised at my stupidity)


  2. avatar Pete
    Pitch problems would indicate a sampling frequency problem... I'll read this again tomorrow when I sober up!
  3. avatar EPK
    It'd need to be a help of a frequency shift... I doubt even a 96k rate'd do that much.
    I'll rack my destroyed brain.
  4. avatar The Warzone Collective
    My first post!
    Did you try updating your soundcard's drivers again after the reformat?
  5. avatar Skapocalyptic
    yeah, i've reinstalled the drivers a few times now, still no difference unfortunately, i've even downloaded updated drivers from el interweb but nothings helped to date, i'm so missing something stupid here..
  6. avatar Pete
    Just out of interest... is it a motherboard integrated soundcard? Or an old card? And did you install Win XP when you reformatted?

    XP has a piss poor record when it comes to onboard audio on older computers. It rendered audio on my laptop useless when I upgraded... only I got the opposite problem, everything slowed way down. Microsoft and Intel have basically decided they aren't going to patch anything older than 2 years so if I want to use XP I'm screwed.

    I also just remembered that a number of people in work have reported similar chipmunk type playback problems before. But I never got round to sorting it as it wasn't vital to what they needed to do their work. Maybe I'll take a look tomorrow and see if I can sort something.
  7. avatar Skapocalyptic
    nope, i'm still on the wonderously annoying winME the soundcard is motherboard integrated, once upon a time there was an audigy onboard but it was sold in times of need, it's been reformatted since then as i said so the pc isn't trying to run it or anything, i've had a couple of people i know mention various wierd things after using an xp upgrade, from win2000 especially, i've got no idea whats going on here still and my head has practically disintegrated with frustration. i think tomorrow i'll pay a visit to the mecca of high prices and sales staff with attitudes that is pc world, i wanted a new soundcard anyways,this gives me reason to upgrade.. and if it dosen't work... eh... i'll pester people some more untill someone works it out?

    cheers for your help by the way

  8. avatar Pete
    Don't buy from PC world!!

    [b][url="http://www.dabs.com"]Buy Here!![/url][/b]

    Maybe upgrade to Win 2000?
  9. avatar Skapocalyptic
    heh man, i was joking, i wouldn't set foot into PC world without some form of incendiary device, dabs as you've rightly shown is the place to shop
  10. avatar Skapocalyptic
    i want to upgrade to 2000 professional but i'm torn between it and XP pro, i'm assuming XP isn't the most amazing of operating systems as i seldom hear anything but complaints when it's mentioned
  11. avatar EPK
    F**k all wrong with it.....mine is stable as anything.
    A bit Fisher Price in the interface department, but it's solid enough for me.
  12. avatar Skapocalyptic
    you've sold me... well, that and the fact i can get XP pro for free, wins everytime over spending money.. god i suck