1. avatar hyperbot
    My first post!
    any one know if this thing is up to much. wanna get wan but i want some advice on the thing....is it any use if you arent using it for a dj tool. i wanna use it more for its sampling and effects, and for keyboard and vocal manipulation.

  2. avatar uroboros messiah
    I dont have one but from what i've seen its quite a good bit of kit.
    Loads of FX & filters etc though it only holds limited samples. Has Midi i/o and you can attach up to 3 input devices eg keyboard, mic & cd/md player.

    However B4 you part with ne cash if you want really good fx then I think the Alesis airfx is cooler though more limited Especially for live performance - Saw a band Chaos Engine with one and the lead singer was doin all dorts of @#%$ to the music with it.

    Best advice go to a shop & try them out if you can.

    Also because of the KP2 being released if you look around you can pick up a KP1 for a lot less!!! though it doesnt have a sampler.

    Also if you go to the Korg website they have online demos of the KP2, which will show you all the features in a cheesy 'DJ' salesman type way.
  3. avatar Pete
    kp1 is really plasticky in its construction and feel so I'm not to sure how it would stand up to the trials of live gigging.

    kp2 is in a metal casing and just looks and feels more solid.

    But I've never used one so I can't comment on the actual sound
  4. avatar iamshameless
    does johnny greenwood not use one of these on radioheads electronic stuff?

    i think thats as good an endorsement as any!
  5. avatar Firebobbie Mark
    My first post!
    he samples thom's vocals with it on everything in it's right place